Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Monday, June 25, 2012

Adaline's Done

Her biopsy for Hirchsprung's Disease went well. Thank you for praying. We are waiting for discharge papers and Daddy will drive us to lunch and HOME. She has been such a trooper. Sure wish I could've taken the IV and NG tube for her):

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Waiting On Surgeon

Her night was very long with a faulty NG tube and unsuccessful IV starts. After they got it going good we had to get up for a two AM shower. Both of us slept through the major cleaning out of her system. The sweet staff changed her bed and we snuggled up for a few more hours. They just told us that the surgeon is almost ready. Look at her, such a sweet patient!!! Prayers please!!!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthdays, Watermelons, and Biopsys

Well, June holds two sweet birthdays for us. Corbin turned FIVE years old on the 15th and we celebrated at Slinkees!!! Adaline will turn THREE years old on the 29th. I still can't believe my baby boy is five. He doesn't need a pacifier, diaper, anyone to wipe him lol...He is getting the hang of reading pretty quickly. OH MY WORD...please stop growing up! He does still need my arm to fall asleep on. This one last little treasured moment I'm going to hang onto. When he says "I'll lay with Dad tonight", I realize he is almost too big to need my arm): Then thankfully he changes his mind hehe...The other night he said "when I get seven I'm going to like my own bed". Brian said at least it will be before ten. One of our other babies took a little longer(:

This new ride is what brother got for his birthday. What do you think about the drivers???? Daddy said Adaline drives like a typical teenage girl, pays no attention to where she is going, she props one arm on the back of the seat while KINDA steering with the other. She hits EVERYTHING at full speed. It's hilarious!!! This pic is wrong because she doesn't actually let Wen drive for longer then thirty seconds. She convinces him to give her the wheel. So, he sits back and holds on!

Pop and Brian on the way to work on the chicken coop. They are so much alike and I love the time they get to spend together. I wish this pic showed to two blonde boys ahead of them on their tractors. They have to be there to HELP them work(:

Kitten food bag stuck on Harley's face. LOLOLOLOLOL....

Watermelon on the tailgate!!!

This is how she rolls. I laugh all day long when I'm not screaming because she put the kitten in MY bathtub with William and Wen): This ensemble started off with a skirt that got wet so it was falling down, she added Corbin's rubber boots, and completed it with a pool ring(:

The fork was way to difficult. Look at her toes curled around the support cable.
Hey Kelly she has clothes on for now.

My watermelon addict(: I love him!

Adaline will be having a biopsy Monday morning to rule out Hirschsprungs Disease. Daddy and I will spend Sunday night with her in Shreveport. Please pray for her and for our two fantastic babysitters as they tag team the rest of the kiddos. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Five Months Family!!!

Five months ago we walked into the civil affairs office to hold our new babies for the very first time. We had no idea what life was going to be like for us or them. It was scary, sad, exciting, extremely painful, amazing....all at once. Today it seems as though they have been with us their entire lives (except the whole English thing). We are finally comfortable as a family of seven. The van fits us all. Nice restaurants don't have enough space for us EVER(: We don't even try!!! One is out of diapers. Can someone praise the Lord on that one. Only two left to potty train. Hey, I'm three for five that's pretty good in softball and potty training. Just wanted to share a few several pics of life at biggerdirt. And no they usually don't have clothes on for those of you that have asked or commented. It's less laundry and it's 100 degrees.
January 9, 2012

Their first family reunion and boat ride.

He caught his first fish and it IS RIGHT THERE IN THAT BUCKET!!!

mostly naked and is great!

This beautiful girl caught the most fish at the family reunion. For those of you who don't know her well, she is NOT a fishing kinda girl. Today, she proved us wrong and in a skirt!
Oh my heart!! I sure love these two girls. Sharing kisses. I will treasure these days forever!
She demanded that he hold her hand and well, HE LISTENS TO HER!!!

There are no words...
This little baby was added to our family too(: