Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Measure up

Today we took Wen all by himself to meet Dr. Ghali. He will oversee Wen's care probably into his teenage years. Dr. Ghali checked out our little man and said he thinks the next surgery will be around age four or five. This depends on his growth and how his speech develops. He commented that his lip repair looks OK, but he will want to revise it when he continues the repair of his palate. I'm thinking perfection is somewhere programmed in Dr. Ghali's DNA. We thought his lip looked pretty good, guessing it will look better later. He wants us to follow up with speech therapy and an ENT appointment ASAP. The nutritionist said he looked great and quit the bottle lol...the speech therapist also said start some sign language till he can talk. Oh boy...should be interesting. He is very frustrated when he can't show us what he wants. This may prove to be helpful. BTW Dr. Ghali lectured at the hospital in Shanghai where Wen's lip was repaired. He also did some surgeries while he was there right before Wen had his surgery done.  How cool is that!!! I thought it was neat.

Thank you Aunt Kelc for keeping the rest of the crew while we had a day with just Wen. Thank you grandma for carpool duty. It was a date even if it was to the doctor.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1 Month and Settling In

It's hard to believe he has only been home a month. He is such a different boy.

Here is your GAP model Aunt Kelc...He is pretty even if he is a boy. He is beginning to accept there is a new baby in town. BEGINNING to accept, we have a long way to go.

Loves outside and his boots!!!

This one has grown up sooo much in the past two months. He has taken on his new role as the big brother with great ease. I never knew he could be so sweet and patient.

This once very sad looking face has grown into a little princess. She also bit William today because she has had enough. Don't let that smile fool you!!! She fights like a big boy!

The look I get when something isn't going HER way!
They both think Corbin is the coolest big brother ever!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Pictures

Always eating(:

I would call BabyGap but I just don't have time.
He was outside playing t-ball with ziploc on and boxing glove with a bat!

Love this gal!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Smith triplets have arrived. Their birthdays are June 29, 2009, September 30, 2009, and May 21, 2010. Can you guess which ones are which???

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blogger Upgrade

Ok, so I haven't been able to upload pictures to blogger in a timely manner. Since I don't have any spare time, I haven't tried very hard. I really would rather not get any hate mail for not blogging now that we are home. Apparently the problem was TOO many pictures in my account. I guess they think they must monitor that or something. For five can upload 10,000 photos to blogger. Sounds great to me!!! I paid that large sum of money, works PERFECT now(:
This week we had our first post-adoption visit with the social worker. I guess it went well, she let us keep them lol...Today is our first nap day in their own room in cribs!!! We don't sleep well with whining and flippy floppy babies in packnplays in our room. Let's be honest I DON'T SLEEP well with them in our room. Two toddlers in our room kinda invade Dad's private space too(: Hopefully they won't be scared of their cribs tonight since they fell asleep in them during the day.
We are still fighting the food battle with Adaline. She doesn't like much that we eat. She eats bananas, yogurt, grits, ramen noodles...YUK...Wen will eat gumbo, pizza, fries, NOT bananas, loves yogurt, grits, and ramen noodles. Wen will also eat anything else you put in front of him. lol...
Adaline is able to repeat most anything we say. She still chatters a lot in Mandarin especially if she is mad or upset. If I fuss at Wen she fusses at him in Mandarin and then offers him a cup or bottle. It's hilarious! Wen can say Mama and says it to everyone and everything. That's all he will say or can say. I try every time I feed them to get him to say bite, he shakes his head yes. lol...

He came to Allison because he was scared of something it looks like.

My baby girl has grown up overnight. I love her to bits!!!

I wish you could hear the screaming that went along with the bat swinging and playing(:

I missed this laugh more than I did Diet Dr. Pepper while we were away. He is starting to accept his new siblings but still hits and pushes on occasion. He is making sure they know he is boss.

Shhhh don't tell anyone William was sharing with Wen.

Look at that sweet face awwwww...
Assistant Supervisor for the afternoon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

And then there were 7

First church day together!!!
I'm pretty excited about this picture. I know it's not great photography. It's not really even in focus. Adaline isn't smiling or even looking at the camera. Dad is standing away from us a bit trying to make sure William could be seen. Corbin had smiled for the ten pics before while others were talking, screaming and looking away. This picture is still PERFECT to me. It's a picture of my family. All seven of us in one place at the same time!!! We were able to all attend church together. Last Sunday Dad took the older two while William was home sick. Wednesday I took the girls while Dad had boys. Today started very early, all were dressed and fed and we arrived early in anticipation of what God had for us. Thank you Lord for my family and thank you for allowing me to share their lives with them.

Blogger gone crazy

So for days I have tried to blog. It takes hours to upload pics. I don't know what is going in. Here is what I wanted to write about marshmellows. I know yall only look here for pics anyway...
It's no secret by now that William is very unhappy, mad, emotional, sometimes close to o.k. with his new siblings. I "think" he is getting that they are staying and that the parents do love them ad well as him. During a rare moment of kindness William and Adaline got out the Lucky Charms (yes I allowed them rule of the entire box). They decided the pale crunchy things were yuk and picked out EVERY single marshmellow. He would share for a bit, try to put his body between her and the box, and then they just got silly. I would say "say lucky charms" William heard "raise your arms". By then I was on the floor laughing. They would watch each other raise their arms. Too funny...and the serious face of Adaline is her trying not to smile. She relented and smiled for her Mama. It is mass chaos most or the time and the floors are ALWAYS gritty, but I sure feel blessed beyond words by my sweet family(: ALL of them, including the one we send to work so we can buy trains and food haha...are so special to me. I love you guys! Thank you God for letting me be their Mama and his wife!

Marshmellows, I think so

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