Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blogger gone crazy

So for days I have tried to blog. It takes hours to upload pics. I don't know what is going in. Here is what I wanted to write about marshmellows. I know yall only look here for pics anyway...
It's no secret by now that William is very unhappy, mad, emotional, sometimes close to o.k. with his new siblings. I "think" he is getting that they are staying and that the parents do love them ad well as him. During a rare moment of kindness William and Adaline got out the Lucky Charms (yes I allowed them rule of the entire box). They decided the pale crunchy things were yuk and picked out EVERY single marshmellow. He would share for a bit, try to put his body between her and the box, and then they just got silly. I would say "say lucky charms" William heard "raise your arms". By then I was on the floor laughing. They would watch each other raise their arms. Too funny...and the serious face of Adaline is her trying not to smile. She relented and smiled for her Mama. It is mass chaos most or the time and the floors are ALWAYS gritty, but I sure feel blessed beyond words by my sweet family(: ALL of them, including the one we send to work so we can buy trains and food haha...are so special to me. I love you guys! Thank you God for letting me be their Mama and his wife!

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  1. Gosh, I miss you guys. We had so many laughs with our little ones in China. I guess we will have to do life together via blogs and email. I am going to check into the beach for us this summer and will let you know the cost. William will accept his new siblings eventually and this will all be behind you. Hang in there.