Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Phantom Blogger

My teen is harassing me because I never blog anymore. TRUTH is I'm busy!!! It's been seven months since I have posted pics of our crew. So here goes a looooong blog of pics. We have a Jr. High kid under our roof and she is about to enter High School. OMG!!!!! She is playing softball on the school team which equals MORE driving for the Smith bus. The three middle kiddos are playing t-ball and wee-tee. Anyone been to a wee-tee game lately?? Yeah, HILARIOUS!!! The smallest of our crew is finally trying to put sounds together that make words. We can't wait for him to be able to talk and tell us all kinds of stuff. BTW he turns three Tuesday. This means THREE 3 Year-olds under one roof.

3 Three-year-olds under one roof. Just making sure you got it.
Potty-training=Not my thing. We will revisit that subject.

The husband and I along with Allison Grace have started on a "to get healthy journey" together. My fitnesspal app is our new best friend. Couch to 5k is in process. 30 Ab challenge oh yes!!! Pray for us. Three hungry people sometimes raises the tension lol...

Corbin is reading. Can somebody shout with me YEEEEESSSSS!!!!! Small books, baby steps, but reading nonetheless. He is spelling all kinds of stuff while we are driving down the road. He is reading billboards. Ya know the sound out kinda stuff. It's really funny and amazing to see their minds work.

OK lots of pics!!!! Love love you guys!
Wearing big brothers batting gloves. He didn't take them off the entire game.

This is where he lives. He kinda hangs out looking cute. If the ball hits his foot he will throw it home:)


Very serious practice swings


She took it from her brother
Look at that throw

"can I hit it now"

She did it!!!
Running to first

Socializing is mostly what she does on the ball field

The big brother is about to turn Six

It rained and they loved the mud
Cuteness overload

This little fella is about to turn three. Can't believe it