Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, March 23, 2012

The New Wen

Someone made the comment to me while checking out at Wal-Mart "I never see pictures of the boy you brought home". I responded with "he doesn't slow down or cheese for us". That was a true statement, but not entirely. The truth is our boy that we brought home was unhappy most days. As soon as we got home with him we found out that his ears were infected. As the days progressed things seemed to get worse instead of better. From the moment his little eyes opened he whined. The only time he was happy was when Daddy was holding him while walking around OUTSIDE. I'm really not being dramatic either. He was also happy eating as long as no one bothered him or moved around too much (getting a drink or new food). Anything we did at dinner time would bring instant tears. He wanted everyone else's drink or plate or napkin....Riding in the van anywhere has been really hard. He would whine at least half of the trip no matter how long the ride was. Sometimes it would progress to sobbing for long periods of time with the other kids yelling "Wen please hush". He has had a few good days or moments that we cherished, but were so tired from the rest of the time that we were not bonding well. Let me be very honest here, Wen and Mama were NOT bonding well. Wen adopted Brian from day one and Adaline adopted me. This was just for survival's sake in China. Now that we are home it has taken effort to bond with a baby that really doesn't prefer you or want you for that matter. During the whole adoption process you look at their pictures and pray for them and fall in love with them. WRONG, you fall in love with their picture and have thoughts of what they may be like or what their laugh sounds like. You dream of holding them and living happily ever after. You really don't think about the fact that they may be unhappy or that they may truly grieve their life before you.  Some days I really really tried hard to hold him and love him and be patient. Some days we just made it through. Please don't send me hate comments or be harsh in your judgement here. I was really beginning to question my parenting skills and wonder why the other four kids in our home seemed happy. Lots of prayers and pleading with God. I wanted to love Wen with all of me.

After almost two months home, and three rounds of antibiotic for his hurting ears, Wen got tubes and a second hearing test done. The ride home from the hospital was amazing. No crying or whining at all. That afternoon we even played outside some. He slept through the night and woke up with a smile on his face. Every morning for two months he has started his day with tears. Some of the mornings I have too. We had NO IDEA how bad his ears were affecting him. He plays without having to sit in someone's lap. He follows ME around the house to show me what he has made or just to make sure where I'm going. He is more than happy to eat, ride in the van, play Mr. Potatohead, trains, outside, inside, the bathtub....oh my he is just HAPPY(: and so is his Mama. I have loved him since I saw the very first picture of him. Now I am completely IN LOVE with this little fellow. I look forward to him waking up from his nap and finding me in the house. I love watching the four of them run laps in the house LOUDLY giggling. I just love him and I thank God for allowing me to be his Mama even on the bad days.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random Chaos

My five babies all in the Thomas tent!!! I love them
This little guy gets tubes in  his ears tomorrow. Praying they help him feel better and hear better.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dad's thoughts

My thoughts have been with our friend Melissa and her family this week, praying earnestly for her baby girl and for peace for her family.  In the midst of my prayers and meditations, these thoughts came to me, to share with them.  I later realized how much it spoke to me and my family, so I decided to share with you all.
Entering the process of adoption, particularly foreign adoption, there are many uncertainties, and as we have seen, unforseen issues.  When these issues surface, and your family dynamics are suddenly pressed to the breaking point, you begin to wonder, "what have we done?"  Fears arise, anxieties overwhelm you, and even feelings of doubt, and yes, even moments of regret.  These are all the human aspects, or as the apostle Paul described, the flesh. 
In these moments, these fearful, doubtful, anxious moments, keep these thoughts in mind: 
When you and your spouse decide to adopt an orphan, you are giving God worship.  It brings Him pleasure, because you are obedient to His command, to care for, tend to, provide for the orphans.  The Old Testament says that, to God, obedience is better than sacrifice.  This is the sacrifices of worship lined out in the Law.  He sees your obedience to His command as pure, loving, God-centered worship.  And in worship, He is pleased.
When you say "yes" to this child, to bring him or her home, God places His annointing on you.  He places a promise to supply all of your needs according to his riches in His son Christ Jesus.  These needs, the fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, He is more than capable, more than willing, more than desiring to meet your needs.  God delights in worship, he delights in his children.  He loves you.
The natural process of adoption, of bringing a new child into your home and family, this is stressful in and of itself.  To have unforseen health problems that add to this, it can be overwhelming to the flesh.  Remember, God knew this before it happened.  He ordained you to be the parent of this orphaned child, and He WILL sustain you, uphold you, strengthen you, LOVE you, and meet your every need.  Rest on His promises.  Never fail to give Him your praise and worship. 
We have seen the miraculous in the past few days.  Many have been praying, fasting, and weeping over one of God's precious children.  He has heard these prayers, no doubt.  But I wholly believe He provided the way the moment these adoptive parents said "yes," to a child needing a family, and to a God who loves when His children are obedient to His commands.
Praise you Father for your love and affection for us!  Praise you for your Son who paid the price for my soul, a price I could never pay.  Praise you for the miracles we have seen and believe we will continue to see as You pour out Your Spirit on Your people in these last days.  Praise be to God forever!