Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New at this (couldn't attach the pics)

 William is trying to catch Aunt Amy! lol
I know Wen was not there, but isn't he CUTE!

The Day At Lake Claiborne After Sunday School Promotion

Well, we started off the day with our kiddos promoting to their new Sunday School classes. Corbin was so excited when he got up and got ready. That lasted till he got to the three year old door and said "will you wait right here for me until I get finished?". I think he was a little nervous about his new class. He survived and said he even knew the words to the songs in that class. Miss Allison was excited in a grown-up girl way to move to the J-Crew class. Plus, they have GOOD snacks in their room. Very spiritual girl, I love her!
Then we headed to Pop's to follow him to Lake Claiborne. Miss Allison swam most of the day with Brianna. Corbin swam in his new Spiderman life jacket, rode in the boat and went to "snake island". He also fished and caught the "biggest fish ever". William spent his day trying to follow daddy. They fished, swam a little (William did not like the water), and rode in the boat. Aunt Amy caught a few pics for me.

Smith Family Gathering

We are headed to Lake Claiborne to visit the Smith crew. Pictures to come...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cheez Puffs

Today we have been FORCED oh wait, encouraged by dad to work in the yard. He brought several loads of topsoil to the front yard. Then it was time to "destick" it. I know that's a new word. But there were many sticks. Then disc with the tractor. Then drag with four wheeler pulling a "thingamagig" that smooths it out. Now the kids and I have QUIT. We stole Parker's plastic pool and are cooling off in the backyard. I'm totally pretending the front yard is done. Willam required cheez puffs and ice water. Please notice that Parker is waiting patiently for a bite under the table. "one for me and one for you".
Instead of cheez puffs Corbin is putting firewood in the swimming pool(don't ask). My Allie is searching the SBH website for new pictures of baby Wen. Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OK, I'm totally giving into the blog world...

To be honest I can waste LOTS of precious time reading random stranger's and friend's blogs. That may sound creepy, but it's not.  I read about families that have adopted or about homeschooling families.  I also read blogs from people in our church (which make me feel NOT so spiritual). There are some amazing God lead people in our church that write very powerful blogs. You probably won't find a lot of spiritual guidance here, but I am pursuing God daily and WANT to be led by him.  Most of my time is spent chasing people under four feet tall, putting band-aids on, and saying "focus please". My Allison is trying to learn with two brothers running around LOUDLY most of the time.  But, I do love my life! I'm serious I do!!!