Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Day At Lake Claiborne After Sunday School Promotion

Well, we started off the day with our kiddos promoting to their new Sunday School classes. Corbin was so excited when he got up and got ready. That lasted till he got to the three year old door and said "will you wait right here for me until I get finished?". I think he was a little nervous about his new class. He survived and said he even knew the words to the songs in that class. Miss Allison was excited in a grown-up girl way to move to the J-Crew class. Plus, they have GOOD snacks in their room. Very spiritual girl, I love her!
Then we headed to Pop's to follow him to Lake Claiborne. Miss Allison swam most of the day with Brianna. Corbin swam in his new Spiderman life jacket, rode in the boat and went to "snake island". He also fished and caught the "biggest fish ever". William spent his day trying to follow daddy. They fished, swam a little (William did not like the water), and rode in the boat. Aunt Amy caught a few pics for me.

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