Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love it!!!

I feel so blessed to be able to watch this beautiful baby grow up! I can't wait to be his "mama"!!! I know that I already am, but I mean to squeeze him and to check out his toes and see his little face light up when he wakes in the morning.

This beautiful nanny is holding him in a lot of his pics, I pray for her as she has to let him go. I hope she feels a peace when she gives him to us. I pray she can give the obvious love she has for Wen to another beautiful baby that enters their home. She clearly loves him and takes care of him like he is hers. Thank you!

In this pic they are watching a performance and he is clearly interested!

NOW for the cake:) We will just say it was for his sister's birthday yesterday! It was on the same day.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Allison

This Beautiful Girl is TWELVE TODAY!

Papa said something sarcastic, imagine that!

About to jump...

She sure loves this boy!

She let him and S. Vivian blow out her candles...

This is the real reason she had a party. She wanted PASTRIES!!! Putting them on to head to dinner. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. We love you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can Anyone Guess What Mama Got For Her Birthday??

This precious baby was NOT my present...

Dad caught me gettin kisses..

Corbin's catch for today....


He makes dirt look gooood....

Dirty enough for a bath before lunchtime...PRICELESS!

Corbin's Cailou...


Tabby watching the wild ones...

Look at the dirt and sweat...

During the sand and play, this is where the Princess was...

We need MORE "diggers"...

I've got this under control...

Thank you Brian for my present! I love you more than Jamaica and chocolate:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well, one week ago today I played with this blonde boy. I fed him, laughed AT him ignoring his new puppy, filled his pool, took a picture of him....and I went to bed. I wish I had one chance to go back to this time last week. I would have totally done things differently. I've put signs everywhere, driven to every neighbor we could, called total strangers, listed him listed him "lost" in the paper. I've prayed and I've begged God to please let me have one more chance with my Parker. Oh, I miss him...
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I-797 Approval

We got our approval for TWO BABIES! Yippeee...hoorah....yeah....Thank you Jesus! So, it's really gettin serious at our house. We are almost DTC (dossier to China)! Sooooooooooooooo exciting!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Look How Peaceful....

This is the picture I woke up to this morning. I pray Wen and Adaline are able to sleep this peacefully always...can't wait to watch them sleep in my arms!
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Splash Kingdom

Our babies before the waterpark!

We could hardly stand Corbin, he was jumping and running before we got in the car. William cried because he thought we were going to the hotel pool:(Once we got to the waterpark they ALL had a blast. Corbin was fearless and Allie did ONE slide...
These last two pics are of our sunsoaked babies....tired! Maybe we can all rest tonight, after we hit the hotel pool. I told Corbin AFTER dark I would go with him. UGH....don't they ever get tired.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look At This Face

I can't wait to hold this precious baby girl! I want to see her little face light up. I know there are giggles and happiness deep down in there. To see her cheez with William would just melt my heart. I want to rock her, I want to sing to her, I want to read her books, I want to blow bubbles with her...this list is long. I will just pray for now that God protects her till I can get there. Oh we love you Adaline!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blondes are Everywhere

I love this face!

One of my favorite baby boys, I have several! Thank you God!

Can't catch me!!!

It's tough being beautiful...I can totally pull it off!
This whole bug, frog, mud, and rock obsession is new to me...He was so excited to have a frog. His brother was quite excited for him too. It was all fun till he jumped onto the concrete and quit moving. Then there was crying etc....I made him carry him into the grass. Then the dog got after the frog. So, he put it on daddy's tractor. Hopefully he escaped!!!

Wen's Bath

This is the pic I woke up to today. Our little man getting a bath. He appears to be cared for wonderfully! He looks happy in all of his pics. Always playing with lots of toys and interacting with the other kiddos. I'm very happy to see him well cared for. I still can't wait to hold him in my arms and spoil him at OUR house!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Smith's Eye Exams

This is what we looked like leaving Alexandria Eye and Laser this evening. We looked really silly walking into a restaurant to eat lol...Then to Target in our sunglasses. Miss Allison was quite embarrassed to be been with us. All check-ups were great and No William didn't have his checked he just demanded the lady give him a pair. He said "PEEZ" and she melted as she handed him a pair.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adaline and Wen's Softball Tournament

This young lady played VERY well with the adults. Excellent ball player and very sweet young lady!
 Very COOL pic!

Nice swing! I was in the line-up after K.C. and I prayed for him to walk each time. lol...That meant I would get to walk as well and not have to bat. Just for the record he only walked once with me behind him.

Look at the intensity on his face! grrrrr....God will forgive you for selling out your church team in the end...

This is Mom and Dad "not so official umpires" for one game. We can never thank our famlily and friends enough for their support during this tournament. Babysitting, lawn care, concession, umpiring, trash pick-up, extra lighting, t-shirt sales, scorekeepers, runners to the store for cheese, ant killing, announcers, PEACEMAKERS, players, coaches, cooks, painters of beautiful art, furniture makers, craftsman, fans of softball, homerun retrievers....these amazing people made this tournament a success!

We raised $2500.00= 2 plane tickets to China
One step closer to Adaline and Wen

Friday, July 15, 2011

Samuel WenHao Smith

People have asked "why are you adopting", "why don't you just have more of your own", "isn't three enough", "why China"?
I could spend all day giving all the answers I have in my heart. But, look at this precious, fat little face and tell ME "WHY NOT"? Why not add to our wonderful family? God speaks of orphans in his word. He tells us to care for them as it does the widows. I know I could just sponsor an orphan or send money somewhere, and these are GREAT things. But, why not adopt Mr. Wen and Miss Adaline? I challenge the many that think we are crazy, give me reasons why not? The concern for our biological kids, they are being taught LOVE! Do you really think it will damage then mentally to have to share their toys or sit at the table with 7 instead of 5? Do you think it will damage them to not visit Disney every year because its EXPENSIVE, instead we camp at the lake and cookout with daddy and the grandparents? The thought that perhaps a baby that God birthed into our family from China could be Corbin's absolute BESTEST FRIEND in the whole wide world. The special needs issues, let me just tell you WE have no control over whether our babies are born perfectly healthy. The only people that will be bothered by our kiddos needs are the ones that stare and gawk when we are out in public. I pray they are kind and keep their mouths shut! I am a mama bear when it comes to my babies.

The only reasons to not adopt Adaline and Wen are worldly and not of God. Adoption is expensive, so is a new boat, a cruise, Disney, a new Suburban (may need it), nice clothes....How can we think of these things when we look at their faces? I didn't mean to get on a soapbox today, just hit me when I woke up and saw this new picture of Wen. I've been told recently "y'all are absolutely crazy for adopting two". I pray that we continue to hear God's voice and not the world's. I can't wait till they are home with us. To rock them to sleep at night, to see them run thru the sprinkler like wild ones, to read books to, and laugh with....Please be careful when they get here, you just may fall in love with them. I promise not to ask you "why not" after you do;)
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!!

Look closely, together and no screaming:)

So Pretty!

Loves to Cheez...

Sitting still for a MINUTE...

My baby girl is almost TWELVE!

Trying hard to convince her to help him on the trampoline....
It worked! He has a way with her. She doesn't even scream when he wakes her in the mornings.