Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, July 15, 2011

Samuel WenHao Smith

People have asked "why are you adopting", "why don't you just have more of your own", "isn't three enough", "why China"?
I could spend all day giving all the answers I have in my heart. But, look at this precious, fat little face and tell ME "WHY NOT"? Why not add to our wonderful family? God speaks of orphans in his word. He tells us to care for them as it does the widows. I know I could just sponsor an orphan or send money somewhere, and these are GREAT things. But, why not adopt Mr. Wen and Miss Adaline? I challenge the many that think we are crazy, give me reasons why not? The concern for our biological kids, they are being taught LOVE! Do you really think it will damage then mentally to have to share their toys or sit at the table with 7 instead of 5? Do you think it will damage them to not visit Disney every year because its EXPENSIVE, instead we camp at the lake and cookout with daddy and the grandparents? The thought that perhaps a baby that God birthed into our family from China could be Corbin's absolute BESTEST FRIEND in the whole wide world. The special needs issues, let me just tell you WE have no control over whether our babies are born perfectly healthy. The only people that will be bothered by our kiddos needs are the ones that stare and gawk when we are out in public. I pray they are kind and keep their mouths shut! I am a mama bear when it comes to my babies.

The only reasons to not adopt Adaline and Wen are worldly and not of God. Adoption is expensive, so is a new boat, a cruise, Disney, a new Suburban (may need it), nice clothes....How can we think of these things when we look at their faces? I didn't mean to get on a soapbox today, just hit me when I woke up and saw this new picture of Wen. I've been told recently "y'all are absolutely crazy for adopting two". I pray that we continue to hear God's voice and not the world's. I can't wait till they are home with us. To rock them to sleep at night, to see them run thru the sprinkler like wild ones, to read books to, and laugh with....Please be careful when they get here, you just may fall in love with them. I promise not to ask you "why not" after you do;)
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