Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday my Love

I hijacked the blog to wish my love a very happy birthday. I know, the day is practically over, but oh what a day it has been. My working sure took me away from her before the sun rose, so no breakfast in bed. I settled for kisses and birthday wishes. She and Allie had "girls' day", which i believe started well, breakfast and girl-talk. However, two unhappy and frustrating hours with the cell phone company sure put a damper on her day. I arrived home from work roughly 15 minutes before she did from her day out, only for us both to leave immediately to take kids to VBS and then for our Insanity workout. Pizza and cheesecake, then back to pick up kids from VBS and then parting ways again as I took the boys to the grands and she took 7 girls for a slumber party. Not quite the relaxed, calm day one would expect, right?
Melissa, you amaze me how calmly and gracefully you embrace this season of our life. You sacrifice daily, even on your birthday, for the love of your kids and family. I admire you immensely for your devotion to our babies, to their happiness, their needs, and most trully to their souls and spiritual walk. You are storing treasures in heaven far greater than could ever be imagined here. You bless me daily. You are my greatest gift, my most valuable earthly jewel. I so look forward to many, many more birthdays with you. I adore you my love.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Princess is Three

One of Allie's favorite people 

Crazy Cool Cakes by the Coles(:
Thank you Mr. Michael for some amazing balloon art!!

She couldn't quite reach her presents lol...
My Willam

Aunt Kelc couldn't believe the thighs on this Hottie

Miss Lillian
Can you say DIVA???

She is "three"

Corbin's sweet friend Julie!!
She LOVES her whoopi cushion

This picture makes me cry. I can't begin to thank our family and friends enough for the love and support you guys have shown us during this season of our lives. We have been told we are crazy, but look at how many people came to celebrate our precious girl's life. She and Wen have forever changed me. Besides complete craziness 24/7, they have taught me more about God's love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness (I need a lot of this) in six months than I have ever known. We have given them love, food and a family and look at their sweet faces. They are people now!!! Not just two of the 147 million out there without a name...
Look at Adaline's face and give me one good reason NOT to adopt. You really can't!!! Money, house too small, too many kids, husband said no, too old, too young, single, don't like kids (this one is valid and counts you OUT), scared, whatever reason you can think of??? There are millions of babies living and dieing alone all over the world because of these excuses. You can go on with your daily life and pretend they aren't real, but you should quit reading my blog because I will die trying to convince people to adopt!!! These babies are real and they need US!!!  I pray that just one person who reads this will allow God to move in their heart and family and consider adoption.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nudity or Nakedness

Webster's definition-"the state of wearing no clothes".
I know you can't believe I would title a post this way. I have heard several things lately from some of my favorite people about our babies being "mostly" "partially" "almost completely" naked in pictures that I share on Facebook. The truth is they prefer to play in their diaper/undies, except for two of them. One prefers ALL of her modest apparel all of the time. Not naming names, but one prefers NOTHING on any of the time.
Back in the day, when the world was young, or when I was young...naked baby pics were totally cool. It's very sad that sick people have taken this innocence away. I absolutely love allowing my kids AT HOME to run through the sprinkler in whatever they want. To swim AT HOME in whatever they want. I realize I have boys and girls and there is an age when this is not appropriate. My 12 year old does not do this, but I still think five is ok. After all God created us NAKED. It's really not suppose to be shameful (if only they had not eaten of the tree back in the garden). We do believe in modesty. Please don't think we ALL run around naked at biggerdirt.
Today we celebrated freedom. This year it takes on a whole new meaning. Besides being free to run around in the sprinkler in your undies and have popsicles on the porch. We are able to praise the Lord anywhere and anytime. We can have as many children as the Lord allows and we can mentally handle lol.. We can use as much electricity (heat and cool) as we can afford. We can breathe and see the sun when we walk outside. There are so many things in the United States of America that I have taken for granted. NOT anymore!!! I'm so thankful for our freedom and independence. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day with all of our babies HOME!!!

A hard day at play...

Some got new goggles, some didn't need any!!!

<><> <><> <><>
Daddy's day of childcare. As long as they are alive when I get home, it's all OK!

<><> <><> <><>
Wen as E.T.

<><> <><> <><>
G.I. Adaline

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