Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

Three boys ready to go to Pop's church for some candy...

William has Bri wrapped around his finger...

Ready, Set, GOOOOOO...

He got one orange and NO CANDY the entire night...(he did NOT get that from his Mama)I had peanut butter snickers.

Admiring his orange...

I love this man with all my heart. I mean seriously how can you NOT love these baby blue eyes. Thank you for loving me just the way I am.

Stopped long enough for a quick smile....he had way to much to do.

These are the cutest little boots I've ever seen.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wen and His Broom

Here is my boy and his broom...I love him!!!
We are waiting on our I800 approval. I know that means nothing to most of you. BUT, to me it means we are so close to getting our babies. PLEASE please pray that the paperwork is quick and we can spend Christmas in CHINA!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Beautiful Baby

I'm not even sure where to begin. I saw this baby girl's face several months ago on the blog of a mother that has birthed and adopted quite a few babies. She was advocating for Miss Julianna because she needs a family. Last week I came across her picture again on a different blog. This precious baby is still waiting for a family. I can't stop thinking about the fact that she will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas without a forever family, and possibly next Thanksgiving and Christmas too. What's even worse to me is that she will have her third heart surgery without a family to love her through it and pray for her. She is two years old and has a serious heart defect. She will require surgery and continued care of a cardiologist. But, I believe this won't stop her from playing dress-up, giving kisses, dreaming big, and becoming someone's baby girl. Please help me pray for Miss Julianna's forever family to find her.
Please email me if you are interested in this sweet baby girl.

*WARNING*More Cuteness Than You Can Handle

Just so you know I do NOT NOT NOT take these pictures for granted. Most of the time parents get two to three pics the entire time they wait to bring their babies home. I have 8 or 10 in the past three days. I CHERISH these. I want so badly to hold my little man. By the look on his face he is completely loved and content with his nannies. BUT, this mama is ready to hold him. He needs footie pjs, trucks, puppy dogs, HIS mama, HIS big sister, possibly HIS daddy(hehe), chocolate (wait that's me), Christmas with US, and so much love. I just can't wait to see him laugh and hold him while he cries and grieves for the only family he ever knew. Oh, to see him run with our boys here and play in the mud.
God today I just pray for your protection of our Wen and please prepare his little baby heart for a new family. Please keep me sane while I fill out more paperwork and know that all the while I just want to get on a plane and GO. We know that you have orchestrated this time before we breathed our first breath. Please help me understand your timing and thank you for this season in our lives. Amen

Can you not hear him laughing outloud??? It's time to go get our babies....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Morning Wen

Let me just tell you what this does for a Mama's heart on a Sunday morning. I'm going to be late for Sunday school. Thank you Jesus for pictures of our baby boy. Now can we go??? PLEASE....
Looks like he is quite HAPPY and content!!!

Oh my the cuteness factor is huge!


Looks like he is telling this man where he wants to go...

Awwww he is smiling!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Life

To be little sit on the porch in my underwear and eat popcorn in the sun with ZERO worries. They choose popcorn for lunch. It's a veggie with extra butter to get some milk in there. Corbin "I'm going outside to eat my popcorn mom". Well, ok. Bye! The small one follows Corbin everywhere and I'm not convinced this is the best thing for him. Soon he will have three precious babies following him. Prayers NOW would be great. Hehe Hope you have a great Friday, may you eat popcorn outside in your undies....or dream of it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The rains came down and made MUD

Corbin realized it had rained and my precious little man says "can we play in the mud mom"??? Why yes GET OUT!!!

Please notice the green spec in the puddle. That's a crocodile and they were pretending to be scared. Thank you God for allowing me to smile each day with my babies. Two minutes later though there was screaming and much trouble because they dug UNDER my gate. I've only warned Corbin 8467 times NOT to do this. A hole big enough for his skinny behind is just enough room for my puppy to escape also. So, they were kicked out of the back yard and retreated to the front to cause trouble there. hehe...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mimi's Reunion

The Smith Crew (for now)

Two Beautiful Gals

I'm in love with these two men!!!

Thank you for my wonderful husband!

This cutie thought she could hide from me....haha

Mimi's people

And we ate...

Lots of Mimi's People

Could NOT resist...

"I want that right there Mamie"

Whatever William wants Mamie gives him. How can you not???

And our LOAs are headed back to our agency...more paperwork for now!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

LOAs, Letters seeking confirmation, The Yes Papers

Today was the day we have been waiting for. Yes it happened. I wasn't even refreshing my email every three minutes. I was shopping with my Mom (with no kids, how crazy rare). We just found Adaline a Christmas dress and Wen a "My 1st Christmas" bib. I mentioned to mom, we have to get LOAs to travel by Christmas. I kid you not three minutes later the email popped up on my phone. Crazy screaming, crying lady in Marshalls. Beware shoppers in the toddler section. I'm so very excited and HAVE TO trust his timing. I wanted so bad to have our LOAs weeks ago. God knew exactly what our family needed. We have prayed as a FAMILY everyday to bring our babies home. It's so humbling to hear my Allison ask God to bring her brother and sister home. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nesting and Waiting

Let me be totally honest, I can't believe the wait is this hard. I totally knew the adoption process would be loooong. I never thought I would see our babies so early in the process though. I dream of them, pray for them, wonder about them, that causes me to pray some more lol...I just want to hold them. We are on day 55 for LOAs. I realize some wait over a 100 days (please God no) but 55 is plenty for me. Aunt Kelc must travel. We talked last night and aren't so sure we can leave William for two weeks. Please pray for the right decisions to be made, and for the passengers if all 5/6 of us fly there and 7/8 coming back. Can you imagine the noise and chaos...oh my. Today Allison is starting school late because she wanted to go through Corbin, Adaline, William and Wen's clothes with me. I'm cleaning out closets and my laundry room. There are clothes EVERYWHERE. What else am I suppose to do while I wait. Pregnant with two precious toddlers equals MAJOR NESTING & EATING!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh how beautiful....

Let me just tell ya how happy I was to see this sweet face today as we 48. Not that we are counting. In his time (I know I know)....
Update for Miss Adaline
*24 pounds
*30 inchs tall
*She is outgoing
*She can say mama/a'yi
*Still drinks formula
*Not potty trained (three in diapers...oh my)

Only one word here "Beautiful"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"I two"

Guess who turned two??? He didn't want to party, entertain guests, open presents, or eat his cupcakes....but he still had fun!!! There are wrapped presents sitting on our counter and he has no desire to open them. Thank you to all who came to celebrate our little man's life. I thank God everyday for allowing us to love this precious baby boy. He smiles an amazing smile as soon as his eyes open in the morning. He gives EVERYTHING 100%....good or bad, he is all out!!! I love you William Cole.

Thank you Grandma for my very own!!!

Loves that his tractor is faster!

Was not sure what to do with the candle...

So proud when he figured it out!!!

Daddy made him a dog(:

"maybe I should try that"....

"I can do anything my big brother can do" (VERY SCARY)

I think she was worn out too!

Thank you Aunt Kelc and Harry for "my tuk"