Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 40 of the wait

This sad face breaks my heart. I am so grateful to the family that took time out of their travel to visit our baby girl. Thank you so much. During our wait we want pictures and updates so bad. We beg and pray for updates. To be honest every new picture of Adaline only confirms my heart's desire and need to hold her and love her. Her eyes look so empty and void of love. She looks very unsure in each picture. I can't fathom what it's like to not have a mother that comes when you cry. To wake each morning and not be held. To go to bed at night and not be tucked in with kisses, a story, prayer or tickled till you squeal. The thought of it turning winter there and her spending one more night cold makes me nauseous. Not to be able to open the pantry and pull out gummies or the fridge and insist on milk like William does. I just want to hold this precious baby girl. I want to love her with everything in me. I can't wait for her to fill the PINK carseat in our suburban. To read to her. To hold her when she cries. Most of all I just want to see her smile. I even look forward to her getting fiesty with the boys in this house and them totally giving in. To watch my husband play barbies because Adaline said to. I CAN'T WAIT! Several people have said "what yall are doing, saving an orphan is great". It's totally not about saving an orphan. I'll admit its mostly selfish for me. I want to love more children in my home. That's the truth. The way these two Smith's will arrive happens to be through adoption. "Caring for the orphan" also happens to be written in the bible and God commands us to do it. Awesome! Selfishness and God's word usually don't line up but I'm going with it!!!
Today my prayer is for protection of Adaline and Wen till I can hold them! Oh, and please send our LOAs soon. I am completely in awe of how God has worked through this adoption process. It has been amazing....
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wiggly Wonka Play

Oh the cell phone pics!!! Let me apologize for the fantastic quality up front. BUT....the magnitude of the moment is so there.
We have watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory a thousand gazillion times lately. We have watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only about fifty times cuz it's WEIRD! But, Corbin has grown to love them both. So, La Lagniappe Theatre is performing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Corbin has counted down the days for two weeks. Not so easy for a four year old to understand. Not this Friday but next one. Whatever.....he asked EVERY SINGLE DAY if this was the Wiggly Wonka Day? He cried a couple of times because he thought it should be that day.
Well, it finally happened! Today was THE day! Please understand the excitement in this baby's heart. He loved every second of it. He couldn't wait to take his picture with his favorite Oompa Loompas! He saw the golden tickets backstage and an angel shined upon him and granted him one. Oh my goodness, his very own golden ticket. He called Daddy and Pop to tell them about his ticket. It melted my heart to watch his excitement today. Allison was pretty excited too, just not squealing between scenes. You have to be cool when you are twelve. lol...just kidding. She is ready to try out for their next performance.
Almost time to start
Not a bit excited
Excited too
He finally found his girls (;
His golden ticket and Wiggly Wonka
He fell asleep with his Golden Ticket

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Mom Seriously...."

We were dressed and ready for church a little early yesterday (imagine that). So, what's a mother to do, "time for pictures". I think they all grumbled. Oh well! They do understand the longer we don't follow directions and smile, or pretend we like each other, THE LONGER THIS WILL TAKE!!! I sure would love some photography lessons, hint hint, wink wink....this is a test to see if my husband reads my blog. How many of you think he does? and DO NOT TELL HIM (:
BTW, the kids made it to church clean, dressed, with two shoes that fit and matched, AND on time!!! I on the other hand looked down as we were pulling into church and realized I still had on Skecher flip flops. lol...nice huh! We were there though.

DAY 35 of our wait for would be great!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Day at the Ballpark

Today Brian spent part of the day playing softball with medical personnel from central Louisiana in support of Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency. Those who chose to become organ donars are selfless individuals who share the gift of life. I'm not going to get on a soapbox about it, but it's an amazing thing. I do have family members completely against this for religious reasons. As for my husband and I, we have red hearts on our licenses.
Checking out the "shide" not slide...

Miss Allison and Bri were the official child watchers. Thank you both and I will pay you back one day. They do look BEAUTIFUL to be at the ballpark(:

Aunt Mammie came to see if her brother could still run. She says "Brian runs like a girl". This is My blog and I disagree):

The leader of this softball team and the father of the Fowler crew!

Corbin's absolute best friend in the whole wide world. We love you Will!!!

This little man was checking out the drain as well. He did not want to smile, but who needs to when you are this cute. Yes the curls are real and no his Mommy doesn't want to cut them(:

My honey still can play some ball. Tomorrow I may have to help him out of bed. But, I did enjoy watching him play(;(;
This is the smallest Smith residing with us now. He was obsessed intrigued by the drains. He kept saying "trash". He would jump up and come tell me about it. Then back to check it out again. HILARIOUS!!! This went on for a long while.

Look mom, "trash"...

Sooooo funny...

This one never slowed down long enough for a picture. I do love what we did get a pic of, "for this child I prayed".

My Daddy!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Adoption 101

A sweet bloggy (is that really a word, today it should be) of mine wrote on her blog the steps of adoption. She defined all the letters and explained the timeline. Rather than cutting and pasting and infringing on copyright laws lol...I asked if I could use it. Thank you Nancy for sharing. I've read for hours and hours and a few more minutes about the process. It's very nice when its summed up in a few paragraphs. Our sweet friends and family ask us everyday, how much longer. Well, we are on day 29 of our wait for our LOAs. Then we will have a better idea of when we leave on a PLANE! So, if you want to read about this amazing journey click on her link below (might have to copy and paste in your browser). Don't forget to look at her beautiful crew while you are there. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8: Chapter 3 - Alphabet soup
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Friend's Fundraiser to Bring Home Their "Wen"

Seriously there is another beautiful Wen waiting to be adopted by my dear friend Jennifer. Please check out her beautiful family. Don't forget to see their Wen. And, do some Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just because shopping while you are there. They are working hard to bring their baby boy home(:
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 27 of our wait....

While we wait for our LOAs to arrive, I'll share the many faces of this sweet boy. When I ask him to smile he usually DOES NOT(:

These blue eyes are to die for....

Silly most of the time...

Singing with Allison...

Thank you for smiling...

Super handsome here...

Convinced me he was hungry at ten at night...

A real smile (:

Look at the dirt...

More dirt

Yes this is Corbin. I love My baby boy!!! Thank you God for allowing me to be his mama. I never knew I could love another baby the way I did Allison. Honestly, I never knew I could love a baby boy sooooo much!  He challenges me everyday. He tests my patience most of the time. He smiles at me and melts my heart. I usually take his side in a debate.  He loves me deeply. He snuggles with ME and only me when he is sleepy (Daddy will do in a pinch). I pray everyday for God's anointing to rest upon Corbin Joshua. I also pray daily for God's protection (God knows Corbin needs protection, possibly several angels lol...). Mostly my prayers are thanks for this precious little man in my life. Oh, I love him...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just another school day....

We started our day off learning to climb fences...check

Then we moved on to filling our ride on toys with sand....check

Taught our watch dog to watch...check

We covered the subject of cuteness....check
(Ya know a lot of money is spent each day to have hair this color...oh to be that blonde again. I know this has nothing to do with our school day)

Then breakfast (pizza) was served on top of the picnic table...check
The rest of their learning for the morning included water, lots of water...and dirt! water+dirt=MUD Math....check
She is going to kill me for putting this itty bitty tiny pic of her actually doing her work...before the beautification process is out of the question mom!!! shhhh don't tell her (: I think she is gorgeous!
She has done Bible and Math so far. She also had some Japanese noodles and chicken for breakfast. Can I tell you how much we LOVE homeschooling. Some days its really, really rough. I do thank God and my husband for providing this life for us. I do NOT take what we have for granted. Never ever!!! I'm not saying we will homeschool forever, but I do thank God for this season in the Smith home. A twelve year old, a four year old, two two year olds and a one year old may just provide for some public education next year. lol....nah. BUT it will be interesting(: