Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Chef x2

William insisted on helping prepare tacos for lunch. Then Corbin saw the fun and had to join. So with a pot, lid, spoon, 1/4 cup water....voila SOUP Corbin said!!!

They were proud of their cooking.

All working hard at it...

Serious game faces...

He didn't want tacos. Check out his plate. Pop tarts, hot dogs and cheese. Trying to cover all the food groups lol.... He ended up eating about half a cup of CHEESE(:

My student during the cookoff! So embarrassed that I would take her pic in her pjs before beautification.

This blonde was happy to chew a slipper while we cooked. (isn't she beautiful)

This Face...

I love love waking up to this face in the morning. It appears they were on an outing to the cleft clinic. The lady holding him also appears to be his love! She is always smiling and he is snuggled up with her. God please prepare Wen's heart and this precious lady's as December approaches. I pray we can keep in contact with her. Just so she can know in her heart that Samuel WenHao Smith is loved to pieces all the days of his life!!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank you Aunt Kelc

 First of all, my sister is going to kill me for writing a blog about her, but oh well it's MY blog. Today she sacrificed herself and took one of our babies to the Circus. Yes, I feel it is a sacrifice. She took him for the entire afternoon, paid for elephant rides etc...and convinced him intermission was the end of it lol....BUT this mama would not have gone at all. THANK YOU AUNT KELC!!! There is one pic at the end of this blog of their ride on the elephant. For all you circus lovers, God bless you! I am not a fan. My boy had a blast and "people walked on tall things" and "the ladies did swing from high things mama". He LOVED IT:) Then she made the mistake of giving me her camera for the night to look at their pics. I found these of Kelc too. It doesn't matter what she wears from work clothes to dress clothes to mud riding clothes....She is so beautiful!!! She is turning twenty-one in October and yes I remember the day she was born. I still can't believe she is all grown up and has become such a gorgeous woman! I love you so much Kelc. Thank you for loving my babies and helping me in so many ways. I don't tell you enough how much you mean to us.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Noodles and Reflecting Pool

 No, I don't normally make allow William to eat on the kitchen floor. BUT, Daddy was cooking noodles and rice and William was so excited. He had to have a pot with water and a little rice to help. Then he insisted on me unbuckling his seat from the dinner table and this is where he decided to eat. After eating a bit he had to call "Pop" and tell him about it. (please excuse the fingerprints on the cabinets)

Ok, I would love to say I was teaching my children history and they built this great piece of art. WRONG, Miss Allison was playing with William's blocks and built this and then had to find Tinkerbell. I kept saying WHY do you need Tinkerbell? Guess who Tink is??? Abraham Lincoln...I thing that's awesome. She made the reflection pool out of Thomas tracks, and didn't leave out the Washington Monument either.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is what Heaven looks like for boys...

A HUGE mud puddle and no lightning so mom allows us to get in it. One of them has a shovel and the other an arrow that he can dig with. Thank you God for rain!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adaline's T-shirt


Well, we are finally logged in. That means that huge travel expenses will be right around the corner. I don't know if you have priced plane tickets for a family to China recently, but they are EXPENSIVE. I also got in trouble for designing and selling tshirts for Wen and not Adaline. When we made his shirts we had not even met our Adaline. Now we have met her and LOVE her to pieces. So, here is THE baby girl's shirt. I will place an order Sept. 2. They are $20 each. Thank you so much for buying Wen's shirts and for the support of the softball tournament. Both fundraisers were able to pay our second agency fees and China fees when we logged in our paperwork!!! That was a major moment around here. Now, we prepare for travel...YEAH, yippeee, Thank you Jesus, whoop whooop, can we leave yet???

Monday, August 22, 2011

LID August 18, 2011

Praise God! We are logged in and more paperwork now. Lol....I had a two week break with nothing to copy, notarize, sign, or mail. I'm ready! Bring it on! This mama needs her babies home. Daddy set up their beds last night. I'm excited and Allison said we need some princess bedding for Miss Adaline. Well, I think we do. We have more little boy bedding than we know what to do with. So blessed!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mom's new bathmat

We finally got new bathmats, I spread them in front of the shower and in front of the tub, turned around and THIS planted himself on one. He was so proud of them and had to sit, lay, spread out on it. He laughed and poured out his popcorn on it. It was hilarious!!!

So glad I got new bathmats!!!

And we wait :(

This is Corbin's China plane. He is READY to go!
Well, our dossier has been hand delivered to the CCCWA. Now we wait for an official log-in date (LID). We really wanted it to be yesterday or today. Our email will come a few days after the actual LID. From the LID we wait thirty to sixty (hopefully 31 lol...)days for our letter of acceptance (LOA) for each baby. That will be overnighted to us from our agency when they receive it. We will both sign it. It states that China agrees for us to adopt Li Wen Hao and Dang Xue Yue and we agree to adopt them. After that we wait 11 to 15 weeks to travel. There are a few paperwork details done in the middle of that but that's the rough estimate of time. Now the truth is we are praying for that exact timeframe. One month from this friday for LOA and eleven weeks from then will be the middle of December for travel. I want to hold ALL of our babies for Christmas!!! It also means Aunt Kelc can travel with us. She is only out of school from Dec. 10-Jan. 10. WHEN this works out it will mean that it took rougly the time of a pregnancy to bring two toddlers into our family. How amazing!!! I'm not making light of it, this really is a GOD thing!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moments I Never Want To Forget

This face is soooo about to cause trouble!!!

Ha HA Allie!!!

Oh, "I got you"!!!

Not wanting any part of the water fight, but CHEESY for mom!

Growing into a beautiful young lady right before my eyes!!

The fact that she isn't too cool to play with her baby brothers in the waterhose: PRICELESS!

They are suppose to be in their beds....I Love these two boys to bits! One day they will be too big to need mom anymore. I never want to forget when they were little!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Name That Snake

Can anyone identify the type of snake??? This country girl does NOT do snakes!!! These pics were taken from inside my house. The brave kitty was totally on her own as were the dogs chasing it. Thank goodness they chased it away from the house.

Dossier is at our agency!!!

Well, yesterday I stalked waited for the FedEx man. He was delivering our last paperwork needed for our dossier to go to our agency. We overnighted it to our agency and now we WAIT!!! Waiting will be the hardest part.
I woke up this morning to new pictures of Wen and a video of him playing with bubbles. Everytime I see his face it makes me realize even more why we do all the paperwork and wait for so long. I can't wait to hold Adaline and Wen.
Here is the link, I hope it works!!! He is wearing a big and orange shorts with REALLY short hair.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Young Lady is AMAZING!!!

Click on the link to watch her video. There are other videos about Katie on YouTube that will definitely bring you to tears and "possibly" make you think of what's really important in life...We are so worried about which shoes to buy and where to go out to eat this Friday!!! God please give us a glimpse of what our hearts should really be. And, the strength to go "anywhere" you would ask us to!!!

Amazima Ministries: Kisses from Katie.mp4: "Katie's book, Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption , is being released October 4. Her publisher, Howard Books, a d..."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is Miss Harley! She is one of Parker's nine beautiful babies. NO, I don't have the rest of them here. Her mom is a beautiful girl imported from Russia. If you are interested in one of these beauties, message me. There are a few still available. This was her first time in the puppy pool. She wasn't too sure at first, but quickly lapped it up and then played!!! Today she found the mud puddle, I will post pics of those when I get them uploaded.

Such a sweet girl!!