Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, August 19, 2011

And we wait :(

This is Corbin's China plane. He is READY to go!
Well, our dossier has been hand delivered to the CCCWA. Now we wait for an official log-in date (LID). We really wanted it to be yesterday or today. Our email will come a few days after the actual LID. From the LID we wait thirty to sixty (hopefully 31 lol...)days for our letter of acceptance (LOA) for each baby. That will be overnighted to us from our agency when they receive it. We will both sign it. It states that China agrees for us to adopt Li Wen Hao and Dang Xue Yue and we agree to adopt them. After that we wait 11 to 15 weeks to travel. There are a few paperwork details done in the middle of that but that's the rough estimate of time. Now the truth is we are praying for that exact timeframe. One month from this friday for LOA and eleven weeks from then will be the middle of December for travel. I want to hold ALL of our babies for Christmas!!! It also means Aunt Kelc can travel with us. She is only out of school from Dec. 10-Jan. 10. WHEN this works out it will mean that it took rougly the time of a pregnancy to bring two toddlers into our family. How amazing!!! I'm not making light of it, this really is a GOD thing!

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