Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blogger Upgrade

Ok, so I haven't been able to upload pictures to blogger in a timely manner. Since I don't have any spare time, I haven't tried very hard. I really would rather not get any hate mail for not blogging now that we are home. Apparently the problem was TOO many pictures in my account. I guess they think they must monitor that or something. For five can upload 10,000 photos to blogger. Sounds great to me!!! I paid that large sum of money, works PERFECT now(:
This week we had our first post-adoption visit with the social worker. I guess it went well, she let us keep them lol...Today is our first nap day in their own room in cribs!!! We don't sleep well with whining and flippy floppy babies in packnplays in our room. Let's be honest I DON'T SLEEP well with them in our room. Two toddlers in our room kinda invade Dad's private space too(: Hopefully they won't be scared of their cribs tonight since they fell asleep in them during the day.
We are still fighting the food battle with Adaline. She doesn't like much that we eat. She eats bananas, yogurt, grits, ramen noodles...YUK...Wen will eat gumbo, pizza, fries, NOT bananas, loves yogurt, grits, and ramen noodles. Wen will also eat anything else you put in front of him. lol...
Adaline is able to repeat most anything we say. She still chatters a lot in Mandarin especially if she is mad or upset. If I fuss at Wen she fusses at him in Mandarin and then offers him a cup or bottle. It's hilarious! Wen can say Mama and says it to everyone and everything. That's all he will say or can say. I try every time I feed them to get him to say bite, he shakes his head yes. lol...

He came to Allison because he was scared of something it looks like.

My baby girl has grown up overnight. I love her to bits!!!

I wish you could hear the screaming that went along with the bat swinging and playing(:

I missed this laugh more than I did Diet Dr. Pepper while we were away. He is starting to accept his new siblings but still hits and pushes on occasion. He is making sure they know he is boss.

Shhhh don't tell anyone William was sharing with Wen.

Look at that sweet face awwwww...
Assistant Supervisor for the afternoon.


  1. I just love my beautiful family!!! Hope those two new ones learn to sleep in their room soon!! Mama can't go without her sleep!! Alison Grace is growing up way too fast for Mama and Grandma!! Sooo glad she is loving her new school!! And just look at beautiful Aunt Kelsey!! She had to come get her baby fix that day!! lol

  2. They are all so beautiful! So glad that things are going well.

  3. LOVE looking at your pictures and reading about your family. Seems like you are all settling into a routine...And YAY! for your social worker letting you keep them hehe (That made me LOL) ;)