Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Measure up

Today we took Wen all by himself to meet Dr. Ghali. He will oversee Wen's care probably into his teenage years. Dr. Ghali checked out our little man and said he thinks the next surgery will be around age four or five. This depends on his growth and how his speech develops. He commented that his lip repair looks OK, but he will want to revise it when he continues the repair of his palate. I'm thinking perfection is somewhere programmed in Dr. Ghali's DNA. We thought his lip looked pretty good, guessing it will look better later. He wants us to follow up with speech therapy and an ENT appointment ASAP. The nutritionist said he looked great and quit the bottle lol...the speech therapist also said start some sign language till he can talk. Oh boy...should be interesting. He is very frustrated when he can't show us what he wants. This may prove to be helpful. BTW Dr. Ghali lectured at the hospital in Shanghai where Wen's lip was repaired. He also did some surgeries while he was there right before Wen had his surgery done.  How cool is that!!! I thought it was neat.

Thank you Aunt Kelc for keeping the rest of the crew while we had a day with just Wen. Thank you grandma for carpool duty. It was a date even if it was to the doctor.

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  1. Aww! Sweet boy! We use Signing Time instructional DVDs and they are wonderful! It's VERY easy to learn from them. They are online, so google them and they will have previews of their videos.