Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miss Stacy's Visit at Biggerdirt

We have enjoyed Miss Stacy being here. She is in Urania for the month of June to follow Brian during workdays. She is a medical student at Tulane Medical School. Since she is in the area we have begged asked her to come visit. She has been brave enough to go out and about with the Smith bunch. The boys have shot her with several nerf bullets, made her build train tracks, and Miss Allison is making her play the WII right now. She still agrees to come back...she must be bored in Urania. We have really enjoyed her visits. I have asked her SEVERAL questions about her family, traditions, geography, and language. Thank you for being patient with some of my NOT so intelligent questions. You are going to be a wonderful physician SOON :) We love you!

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