Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rare Moments!

Ok, I have wonderful children of course....BUT they don't always get along. Actually these two mix like oil and water. There are eight years between the two of them. I really thought Miss Allison would be old enough to allow him to do "some" things without bothering her. I also thought Corbin would allow her to help him sometimes. I was WRONG...If they are in the same room one of them is fussing at the other. I pray for them, fuss at them, try timeout, MAKE them be kind to each other, sp@%k Corbin for hitting her or throwing things at her, beg them to be kind, and I have been known to make them get in my bed and read books together just for closeness. They know I'm rocking William for a nap during that time and if we scream then Mom will kill both of us no matter what the reason is. So, when this happened the other day I felt the need to share it. And for the rest of you who have perfect children that get along all the time and never get disciplined, stop reading our blog. We keep it real around here. Love you
The third pic was after the three of them were done playing in the sprinklers. Please don't tell Dad we were on the new grass seed. Just tell him we were watering ;)
Willam insisted that Miss Allison put on her rubber boots...She lets him push her around, just not Corbin.

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