Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Our last post was a surprise. We weren't expecting Wen to have his palate repair surgery so close to his travel home. We were  relieved to find this pic dated 11/23. We can see that he is back at his foster home and appears to be doing well. He is actually fighting over toys in some of the other pics(: He will fit it perfect!
Soooo this week we wait for our Article 5 to be picked up (hopefully Thursday) and delivered to the important peeps in Beijing. These important peeps hold our travel dates in their hands. LITERALLY!!! There is no rhyme or reason to travel approval. Some people get theirs in 3 days, some people wait 3 months. Since I function very well with a list and a calendar, THIS IS REALLY HARD FOR ME! Really hard! Just wanted you to really get that. We could get our travel approval next week or in January. THEN...we pack our bags...and go get our babies!

Any scriptures, travel tips, packing tips, enduring the wait tips, and/or just plain encouraging words you feel led to share. NOW would be great(: Here is my email if you want to share privately.
Someone emailed me last tampons are hard to find in China. This is important info. Lolol...
I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and family. I cried and thanked God for my healthy family. I don't want to take a single moment for granted. We are blessed beyond comprehension. I thank God for every morning he allows me to wake up and praise him before my feet hit the floor.


  1. Oh yay! I'm so excited to see that he's doing well. :) I've been thinking about him. :) I've got something to send to you...girl, it came just in time!

  2. So good to see that baby boy OUT of that hospital bed!!! AND he will be ready to eat some good Louisiana cooking! We will be holding and loving that sweet baby and sweet Adaline soon ... very soon. Grandma can't hardly wait!!

  3. So glad to see that he is on the mend! Praying your TA comes quickly. I love how grandma wants to feed him some Louisiana cooking! We often talk about feeding our Lee the very same thing. hehe ;)