Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrating Many Blessings

I love this little boy more than he loves opening presents or trains...thats a lot!!!

They think they are too cool for pics. That's why I usually only post pics of the boys. This is Allison and Bri waiting for the dirty santa game to begin. They are with the adults now, oh my! Adaline will be in between them next year eeeeekkkkk....
Both sitting and looking at the camera...priceless!!! Can't wait for Wen to be sitting with them!
Chipy had Allison's Beats in the lights...
P.S. the present opening pics will not upload thanks to blogger

So, we leave in EIGHT days!!! Can't hardly believe it is happening. We have our final travel conference call tomorrow. Corbin has already packed his bag and can't understand why we didn't leave yesterday. Christmas decorations are packed and the suitcases will be opened in the foyer today. LET THE PACKING BEGIN! Brian's last day at work is Friday. eeeeekkkk...He will be with us till the 30th of January and he will probably be GLAD to return to his patients. Don't get me wrong I love him being home. But, we are use to him being in clinic and me being in charge at home. Dynamics are just established and four weeks of God blessed chaos will be enough!!! 8 days till we get on the plane, 11 days till we hold Adaline and Wen in our arms, 26 days till we are HOME as a family of seven. Thank you Jesus for this amazing journey! Please prepare Wen and Adaline's hearts and protect William while we are gone! And, help Grandma stay sane while her babies are gone, and help Mimi and Papa with William maybe their sanity too. thank you thank you and I love you! Amen


  1. Great Christmas pics! We will be praying you guys through everything :)


  2. Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the picture of you and William! I'm just giddy with excitement for you guys!!! :) YIPPEEE!!!

  3. Hopped over here from Love Changes Lives. I can't wait to follow along on your trip! Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Grandma will be CRAZY until all of her babies, big and small, are back safely on U.S. soil!! Everyone pray for me too, please!

  5. ok so I'm a little behind on things. WOO HOO!!!!!

    Praises and more praises :) God is so good. You are going to get those babies....finally ! I hope you enjoy China as much as we did. Can't wait to follow along my friend. Blessings to your growing, lisa