Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Pictures

Well, we have seen the Great Wall, Watercube, and the Birds Nest. Amazing and cold!!!! I promise to upload real camera pics when we return to the hotel and I thaw my toes. I feel TWO Papa Johns pizzas coming on, Aunt Kelc said we can save one for tomorrow. She actually said put it in our suitcase for the plane ride. Hehe... That's my girl. Breakfast was an awesome spread but no sausage biscuits for us southern gals. Lunch was interesting with Entire Cooked fish, yes eyes we're looking at us. We tried most of it. Now we are waiting for the acrobat show. They have wifi!!! Corbin made the driver pull over so he could potty. Lol...totally a Louisiana boy. I have laughed so hard at him. He ran up the great wall. Soooo excited to be in China. I miss you William! Mimi and Papa thank you for loving and spoiling him. Email us pics if you can. No texting us. Mom thank you for visiting him and sending me a pic. This is truly a trip of a lifetime. In 48 hours we will be holding our babies!!! Love you guys

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