Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Big 13 and The Beach

How many can you fit??
Allison's 13th bday cake
So I've fallen off the blog wagon. Sorry!!! It's quite busy around here. Miss Allison turned 13 years old. I still can't believe our baby girl is a teenager. She is oh so sweet and gorgeous. She also loves ALL people (except Corbin) ...this girl amazes me that she doesn't care about color or social status or disabilities of any kind. Don't get me wrong she is a typical teenager with a sassy mouth on occasion, but she is very sweet and full of life!!! I love you Allison Grace and Happy Birthday!
Then we headed to the beach. We had a good time, but had to come home to rest. Brian shared his bed with two blonde boys and I shared mine with two Asian babies.   WHOA...we were tired. The beach was great though. Grandma, Mimi, and Papa joined us!!! I think they had a good time seeing their grand babies in the water. Lamberts was the highlight our trip. We had a blast there!
Now we are getting into the school groove. Corbin is a big kindergartner and Allison is an eight grader. YIKES!!! William has learned his we will call him a pre-k baby boy. He wants to do school with Corbin. Let me just tell ya, school with four kids five years old and under VERY CHALLENGING!!! We are homeschooling for this season, but may not do it forever. Allison is NOT homeschooling and she LOVES her time away! After much prayer and tears, CCA was the best choice for her and I'm so glad she loves it.
Want some??

The sleepover...morning after

Silly at Lamberts

I love this boy

Their first time to the beach!

He wanted goggles but couldn't keep his eyes open with them on lol...

He doesn't like the water just sports the suit lol...



  1. I'm with you, Mama, I cannot believe our baby girl is a teenager!! So glad she loves her school!!
    The beach was sooo much fun -- even the trip there and back (maybe not back).
    I just love love all of these people, and I enjoy every minute spent with them!!
    Love, Grandma

  2. First off... that family photo on the top is da bomb! LUV it! Wish I could get one of us half that good!
    So glad you are home and getting your legs under you. Quite the transition and in the end it is all so so very good.
    Lastly, happy bday to your baby girl. Teenagers ROCK!
    nancy-of the cray 9

  3. Love the beach pictures and the new header one, too.

  4. I am just getting caught up on your blog. Was it Lambert's Home of the "Throwed Roll?" We LOVE that place and used to go to the one in Foley Alabama when we lived in Florida! I have a recipe that clones their rolls...but I can't throw.