Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Over the past 6 months the Smith home has been blessed with our Baby Brother, Beckett Asher.  He joined our hearts the moment we laid eyes on his first picture, but oh how this little guy has changed our world!  He is such an amazing, intriguing, awesome little guy.  We still find ourselves just watching him, hoping to understand him and so thankful at the strides he has made since he first came into our lives.  Tomorrow he turns 3.  We do birthdays big in this family.  It is the one day when our kids pretty much get away with anything and we focus on how precious and special they each are.  For Beckett, a huge party or big dinner night would absolutely overwhelm and stress him.  No, we are not having a big blow out party.  He won't eat cake or ice cream.  I doubt he cares much for presents.  But I do know he will smile, laugh, play, and make our lives joy-filled.  Part of me wants to cry knowing we will celebrate him differently than our other kids.  But my sensible side knows we will make HIS day special and perfect for HIM.  We will rock some Christmas lights, play The Voice on TV, and sit back and be amazed at him as he shines in his little world here at home.  I'm not sad because I can see the incredible growth he has had in the short time in our home.  We are so amazed at how God and love have transformed a weak, scared, quiet boy into this busy, jabbering, always smiling Awesome son.  I melt when he runs up to me, holds up his hands so I pick him up and he squeezes my neck, saying "Da."  He knows how to get his mom to do anything with his smile and "Mamamamama".  This little guy who wouldn't bathe for weeks now runs to the tub every time he hears the water.  On Sunday he wore a hood, twice, without fighting to get it off his head.  He ate Kool Whip.  He wore socks and shoes this week.  It may sound silly to some who don't know Beckett or understand autism, but these victories are HUGE in our world.  Every day, literally every day, he does something that amazes us, something that reminds us how awesome Our God is, and how blessed we are to get to be Beckett's mom and dad.  I love this little guy just as deeply as each of my other 5 kids, and feel honored beyond measure to be each of their Dad.  And I so look forward to celebrating Beckett and our blessings we have gained with him in our lives.
Happy birthday Baby Brother, we love you to the moon and back!


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