Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just A Few AMAZING Things For Today!

I'm sure the picture doesn't make much sense to you. BUT, it's sooooo cool to us. William is holding our paperwork, that the FedEx lady handed him in his diaper, from the Chinese Consulate. YIPPPPEEE!!! Now, we wait for approval from US immigrations. We did our fingerprints July 1st. We are praying to travel between Dec. 10th and Jan. 14. I know this may not be a reasonable request, but my God created our babies that we are praying to hold. He spoke and "made giraffes" according to Corbin tonight. Corbin also prayed for God to fix his battery for his four-wheeler so he and William can ride tomorrow. Just keeping it real around here. I had to hold Allison's mouth before she busted out laughing during prayer. He was SERIOUS:)
My Mom's test from yesterday on a "suspicious" mass....BENIGN!!! Thank you Jesus! She will be watched for a while and we are believing that it will remain benign.
 The pool starts out clean....then two boys
 Then Piarki Perfect Parker got hot....
Then they add sticks and STUFF.....gross

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  1. OH MY!!! Look at your little girl!!!! OH MY OH MY!!! I've looked at her MANY TIMES!!! PRAISE GOD!!! She's going to be in your family!!! SOOO happy for you guys!!! We're praying about bringing home two as well.....
    So glad your Moms test came back with good news!