Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

This is what we do in the south when it rains!!! For all of you who are against naked baby pics STOP STOP STOP NOW!!! I absolutely love naked baby pics. My daughter was screaming at me and made me find undies for my William, but I had to share at least one. It's priceless (: His behind is covered in mud. After fully clothing the boys I had to get a few pics of what the big boys were "trying" to do. Get mama's generator going. I do live in the country, but love me some modern stuff. Ya know lights, microwaves, AIR CONDITIONING!!! It's the little things in life. NO the T.V. is not on my list. I could totally do without it. I hope you all have a blessed day!
Look at the MUD on these babies!!!

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  1. That looks like fun! It would be a bummer to be with out the mod stuff so thank God for generators! ;)