Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home and Blessed

I don't even know where to begin. We have been home for four full days and I still can't believe our entire family is HOME!!! The conversation of adoption has been going on for a few years now. It didn't become totally serious for me until right before I became pregnant with William. Brian's thoughts were we need to have one more biological baby, well THANK GOD for Daddy's wisdom. William is rocking off the super cool chart!! As soon as William was up and walking the subject of adoption became serious again. You all know how the conversation ended....after months of paperwork, waiting, praying, and tears, our babies are HOME. I don't really want to talk about our trip home from China. One of the three flights was fourteen hours with two toddlers who weren't really use to being held and definitely had never seen an airplane, toilet that flushes, white people, or escalators(their favorite things). But, we all made it home safely and were able to scoop up our William when we walked off the plane. Oh, the relief of being able to hold him in my arms again. Before I get too far into this *picture us, three adults, one teen, two toddlers in strollers and one four year old asleep on the floor on a pillow pet, TRYING to enter back into the United States....hilarious!!! Corbin was seriously sleeping on the floor on a pillow pet in front of the officer that checks your passports and decides if you may enter. He also had to check all the baby's paperwork and decide if they may enter the US. So, Corbin took a long nap there lol...then we added NINE pieces of luggage to the list. Then we were the circus on wheels. Two carts full of luggage, three adults, one teen, one four yr old in a stroller, one toddler sleeping in stroller and one running in the airport.* PRAISE GOD we are home!
Our first day home is kind of a blur. We slept as late as the kids would allow us to. Started unpacking and washing. Tried to minimize dogs or cats coming in the house. Tried to keep our eyes open all day. Tried means it didn't happen all the time. The little ones would flip out if they saw the cats or dogs. We took turns hitting the jet lag wall. Fed kids and changed diapers. Grandma blessed us with dumplings for supper. Wen ate three bowls and Adaline would have NOTHING to do with them.
The second day we had pediatrician appointments. That was no fun at all. Adaline and I went to the hospital to welcome baby Knox Cole into the world, he chose to come right before I turned into my driveway instead of while we were there. Congrats Cole family, thank you for waiting till we got home from China! Daddy brought home the boys for naps and play time. The babies have decided they don't like anything we cook. Guess Grandma will have to cook for Wen everyday. Watched some tennis...
The third day Allison, Adaline and I had to go see baby Knox. The last piece of our luggage with my CAMERA arrived home. So sorry for no pics. We visited Mimi, Papa, Aunt Amy and Bri for some spaghetti and love. Wen has discovered the great outdoors and LOVES it. Adaline doesn't really like grass yet. Since we are NOT taking five kids to walmart, Daddy and boys went home and to bed. The girls shopped for lots of groceries, trying to encourage the babies to eat.
Day four...we feel human again. We were all able to open our eyes before 11 am including the teen. The clothes washing nightmare has finally morphed into a daily sitcom. So glad to have the clothes done for a few minutes. We were able to see most of our floors and even clean them. Wen took his first tractor ride with the boys and then spent the morning outside with them. Adaline helped Mama with the house. She is much more comfortable with us. I can sometimes use the bathroom alone and she will walk into other rooms without me. She did go outside a little bit, but still unsure of it. She really does not want the animals near her. Wen chases them now and is not really afraid. If they stop for him, he pokes them and laughs. The Prathers and Books came by to visit. Thank you Abbi for picking up toys. Thank you Grandma for Jambalaya!!!
I really think the Smith clan is doing well. We are all still having some major meltdowns at times, but much fewer than last week. William isn't near as angry with us as he was the first two days home. He only tackled Corbin once for taking the teapot (pretend coffee pot because they are boys). He is playing with the babies instead of crying most of the day.
Wen has an ear infection so his day has been a little rough. He is running some fever and has a hard time at night. He is such a sweet, funny kid. He walks around making noises, kinda like mumbling under his breath. While he does it he tilts his head side to side and walks all over the place. He allows Brian to go into other rooms without him and he let me put him down for a nap today. PROGRESS!
Adaline is super sweet unless you mess with her food or toys. If she can't communicate or show you what she wants she will flip out. For the most part she is happy and covering every square inch of the house. She checks out all cabinets and pantries lolpacknplay. she is asleep for the night in there. PROGRESS! She still won't let the Chihuahua eat under the table while she is eating. Gotta work on this, he is my clean up help.



  1. SOOO glad my family is finally home!! Our new babies are the sweetest!!! The transition for everyone has been easier than I expected, thank God!! Love love my babies, big and small!!

  2. So good to get a post from you! You know I need to keep up with what is going on over Glad to hear that you are all settling in okay. Talk to you soon.

  3. Welcome home to your whole family!! It was such a treat to follow your journey..I guess the real journey begins now. Enjoy every minute as you mold into a forever family.

  4. Loved the update!! :) Each day will be better and better! :) Remind me of that when we get home! ;)

  5. Sounds like you guys are doing GREAT! Those first few weeks can have so many ups and downs (for you guys x2!) but it sounds like everyone is adjusting really well. Praise the Lord! May the bonding and attachment and miraculous grafting in as a family continue to go exceedingly well!