Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hong Kong Surprise

Today was the beginning of our journey home.  So anticipated, let me tell you.  We decided to forego the train to Hong Kong, instead taking two vans.  The train was all Corbin came to China for, but after 16 days away from his little brother, he didn't seem to mind.  So, at 10 am we loaded our family into two Toyota minivans, placed our lives in God's hands and the hands of two Hong Kong drivers, and off we went.  If you have never experienced a hired van in China/Hong Kong, well...let's just say I have a new respect for NASCAR drivers.  We made it QUICKLY to the border, through both immigration checkpoints, and on to the hotel.  All people and bags intact, and no embarrassing accidents in the vans, so a successful flight trip. 
So, what better way to celebrate our new babies and their first trip out of country, but to visit the happiest place on earth.  That's right, off to Disneyland Hong Kong!  Talk about some excited kids.  Corbin and Allie were pretty excited too.  Kelsey, Melissa and I were downright giddy.  We spent about 5 hours in the park this evening, enough to ride teacups, carousels, Its a Small World, and of course, Space Mountain!  We had a wonderful time, even the little babies shared some smiles on the teacups and the other rides.  Shhh, don't tell but we are going back tomorrow!
This trip has come full course.  The most important thing to my Corbin was to ride the train in China, but when it came right down to it, he only cared to see his little brother, and to get his two new siblings.  Such a sweet boy we have.
But we did manage to get a train ride for our boy.  The Disney Express around the park was his highlight for the day.  So, the Smith's to China has now consisted of 5 flights, a train, two boats, two vans, numerous buses, several taxis, and a few walks through the subway.  Oh, and Space Mountain.  That's my little thrill. 
One more day away from our William. 
Wen and Adaline were troopers today.  They were great in the vans, great at the park.  They seemed to love the rides they could ride.  They watched with great intent during Its a Small World.  That was pretty awesome to see their little faces and eyes light up.  They are still a bit uncertain in crowds.  That's gonna have to change, but they make great advances every day.  Can't wait to get them home.
See ya'll in 2 days!


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