Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, January 20, 2012

Leaving for Hong Kong in the Morning

We leave for Hong Kong tomorrow!  Two immigrant visas arrived today, so the packing party with Papa John's starts tonight.  We leave at 10 am for Hong Kong via van.  The idea of an exceedingly busy train station and umteen bags of luggage, and seven passengers, did not seem very pleasant to me, so our plans changed.  I hope Corbin doesn't mind.  Anyway, we spend a day in Hong Kong, then on to the airport on the 23rd here, for a 10:45am departure for Detroit.  14hrs and 3 minutes later, we are on American soil and our babies become official US citizens!  Much easier than going through immigration classes and learning the Declaration of  We are ever anxious to arrive home in AEX Monday night, 9:33pm to be exact!  William, your mommy and daddy are coming to squeeze you!  Many of our travel group families have already departed to HK or Beijing.  I know they will all have a special place in our hearts from here on.  There is something very special about sharing Gotcha Days and medicals and buffet breakfasts for two weeks with incredible, loving, kind families from all over the US.  To all of our traveling families, thank you for your kindness and for listening to all of Corbin's stories and visitations.  You all are in our prayers and hearts forever.  To all at home waiting and praying and checking in on us, we have so felt your support and prayers, and we ARE coming home, with two sweet babies!

Look at this sweet smile!  I think she likes us

Daddy's new sidekick.  I'm gonna have two boys on my lap now.  This is his sleepy face

Serious poses for serious minds.  Corbin had to gel his hair after bath, then needed Wen's sunglasses because his eyes bothered him.  Wen thinks we are nuts

Bubble gun in the shower=hotel entertainment

Sister sugars.  I think she likes Allie a little bit

Caught Wen smiling.  He loves to laugh

Adaline's first shiner...Corbin got her on the playground with the swing.  Never cried.  She's gonna be just fine at BiggerDirt.


  1. ok, so we really thought we would see you all before we headed out today! We were thinking we would see you downstairs when we all got our visas. We really hate that we were not able to say goodbye. So...please know that we will miss you guys so much and thank you for being such a fun family to spend our special time in China with. You made this time extra special and we are blessed to have met your family. We will definately keep in touch and I wish you safe travels when you are headed home! You will be in our prayers. Love to you all! Kelly & Fred

  2. Praise God, praise, praise God!!!! Love you all!

  3. So glad things have continued to go smoothly for you. I will pray that your trip home is an uneventful one with no hiccups!