Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loving Guangzhou

So the weather in GZ has been gorgeous!  The forecast has called for rain, but we have had sun and warmth, so we have taken advantage of the opportunity and explored some of the city.  Our travel group visited the Guangzhou Zoo today, which everybody loved.  Our new babies loved being out in their strollers, seeing the animals and enjoying the sun.  The zoo was very nice, with tigers, chimpanzees, zebras, giraffes, bears, rhinos, elephants, and of course, pandas.  The two pandas they have were quite the entertainers.  I know, ya'll want to hear about the kids, but the big kids loved the zoo!
The babies...they are so wonderful.  I can't tell you the difference we see in just a week.  They are so lively, funny, busy.  Very typical 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old kids.  I think they like us.  Wen calls me Mama, but he calls everyone mama, so I guess its ok.  Adaline has it figured out.  She calls Melissa Mama, and Allie she tries to say, and Corbin is GeGe, which is big brother.  And today, today, she called me Baba, which is daddy in Chinese!  Such an incredible moment for me!  She is realizing I'm not so bad.  She even let me change her diaper and give her a bath tonight.  Making steps!  Wen is my little sidekick, like William.  I can see now I will have two little boys in my lap at bedtime!
We took family and group photos yesterday.  The babies were all dressed in their chinese silks, so very cute. 
Tomorrow, the consulate appointment.  I hear it isn't very exciting, but for me, it means I get to bring my family home.  We love it here, but this is not home.  No matter what, we are biggerdirt people.  We miss our baby, our home, our family, our church.  We can't wait to see our babies all running around the house acting crazy.  Ahhh, that will be wonderful.
Just a few more days until we board a plane to head back.  China will always be special to me.  It is  beautiful country, with beautiful people and an interesting history.  I am fortunate to be here with the Lunar New Year approaching.  The decorations are amazing, the air of excitement is here like it is when Christmas approaches back home.  But I am ready to bring my two pieces of China to Louisiana.  They have my heart, as much as Allison, or Corbin, or William.  They look different, but they are Smith's.  And they are amazing.


  1. So nice to see happy happy kids!! I am glad the weather got better and y'all were able to go to the zoo!! Will be SOO glad when y'all get back to bigger dirt!!! Miss everybody so much it hurts!!! Love to everyone, Grandma

  2. Precious! Thank you so much for sharing. hopefully we'll be seeing those pandas soon!


  3. Waaahooooo! I can finally comment! :) I'm sooo glad GZ has been so wonderful! I can't wait till ya'll are home! It's so fun to see the kids blossom with you guys! Love you all!