Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday and Tuesday in Guangzhou

I'm so sorry Dad is out at the moment. He had to take Allie and Corbin to the park via the subway corridor because the highway is CRAZY!!! Monday we went back to the clinic to have Adaline's TB test read-NEGATIVE! Then we headed to the pearl market (yeah Aunt Amy). For me they had PIZZA HUT!!! I could go on another day. For Corbin they had a remote control car "the coolest one I ever seen Mama". He has said thank you four or five times. BTW it's the quietest remote control car ever too...just a bonus for us. After nap time we took our first Taxi rides. We don't all fit into one taxi either. Kelc, Adaline and I held onto each other for our Nascar race to the Shaiman island for silk shopping. Corbin, Allison, Daddy and Wen rode together without much excitement. We found toys and traditional Chinese silk clothing for the babies. After shopping and a few pics we had dinner at Lucy's. They gave us and the Waite family our own room to destroy eat in. We enjoyed the 80's english music and posters of various stars. lol...garlic bread, coke and the babies noodles were the only things to write home about. Kelc and I ordered American cheesecake, ummmm YUK!!! The men had applepie. It came out black, but they ate it. Today we took our group and family pictures. Usually when you adopt from China you take pics at the White Swan hotel on their red couches. Since the hotel is being renovated we took ours on the red steps at the China hotel. Whatever works huh! Lets just say our kids didn't really want to have their pics taken. They were still pretty cute!!! Here are several pics of our past couple of days. All of our world travelers are doing good. We are definitely homesick and miss William (and Mr. Harry). Only six more sleeps for us and then we begin the long trip home. CAN'T WAIT!!! I love you William:)

All ready to go for her TB results. SO cute!

Waiting for his first Taxi ride. He was so excited!

I love this. I know you can't see their faces. This is my two girls walking on the Shamian together. It's just sweet sweet!

He likes us, can you tell??? Maybe he just likes Brian. But, I'm saying he likes all of us.

Our redstep pictures

Our travel group. Adaline had had enough of this. lol...

My two girls:)


  1. The picture of you and the girls belongs on the wall. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. That picture of you and the girls WILL be on a wall, my wall. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!! Only SIX more sleeps. I am SOOOO excited!!!

  3. Love the pics! Almost home! Seems like your time in guangzhou is a lot longer than I remember from last time...I wonder if the process is different now? So glad you are all doing well, and I can't wait to see ALL your sweet kiddos together soon!

  4. What greatpis! Enjoy the great weather.
    BTW, you can visit the lobby at Great Swan. Just the rooms are closed. We took our red couch pics there in December. But your step picture is very nice