Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Buddhism and folk art

Today was a free day, so we toured the city a bit.  We visited a buddhist temple built in the 1400's.  It was quite impressive actually.  The buddha statues in the center building were enormous.  No worries, no converts here.  We were quite impressed with the craftsmanship however.  Next, we visited the Chen house.  Chen in Guangdong province is like Smith in the States.  It is a large home that has been converted into a museum for the local artistry.  Again, quite impressive to see what the artists do with embroidery, ivory and wood carving, and ceramics.  I hope some of our pictures do justice to the craftsmanship displayed.  Lastly, a local artisan shop, which had amazing silk-work, ceramics, and jade.  However, we had tired and hungry children aplenty in our group, so we were more than ready to return to the hotel for McDonalds and naps.

Later today, we prepare our paperwork for the consulate appointment later this week.  That will be the culmination of the whole process, with only flights home and US Customs to finish.  So very exciting.
Our new babies think we are cool.  Wen wakes up with a smile, laughs and runs from us when it is time for getting dressed or changing diapers, and pretty much has us around his little finger.  He has really come out of his shell the past 2 days and is a very lively and fun 19 month old boy.  Adaline follows Melissa around the hotel room every step.  She eats the middle out of the Oreos, loves gummy bears, and ketchup!  She eats more ketchup than fries.  She is so so very tiny.  Pictures don't come close to showing how little she is.  She gives sweet kisses, but still isn't very sure about me.  I will do in a pinch, but she wants mama for most everything.  That's ok as long as she gives me that smile when I walk in the room!  So sweet to see.
Allie is ready to take the river tour in a couple of days.  She is intrigued by the second tallest building in the world on the tour.  I think it will be a father-daughter date, which will be quite nice I must say.
Corbin has decided we need to have a puppet show everyday.  We put straws together for the screen, then decided the bed and cribs work better.  Then, add a few socks and inanimate objects, and you have a ready-for-broadway production only a 4 year old boy can produce.  Never NEVER a dull moment in the Smith family. 
We so love our babies.  Mr. William better be ready for hugs and kisses, because his momma and daddy are so ready to give them to him. 
 the beginning of the puppet show
 he hasn't gotten the hang of hiding during the show
 mom is the sun
 my beautiful family at the buddhist temple, in the rain
 two of the four hugenormous buddhas in the temple
 the temple quad
 at the Chen house
 the roof of the Chen house
 can you do this with ivory???
 loving some french fries!
 prefers to just lick the ketchup from the fry
 love him!
and her!


Oh my goodness, nearly forgot the funniest thing so far.
Yesterday, during naptime, we went to the outdoor play area with Corbin.  There are swings and slides for him to play, and a big area to run around.  There is also a large decorative pond with a bridge and fake rock beach.  Well...there were a couple of boys pretending to fish in this pond, so of course Corbin had to fish.  Mind you, it is crystal clear and clearly no fish...anyway, after scaring his aunt Kelsey on the bridge, he decided to stay on the rock beach, until it seemed much more cool to step out onto a big rock IN the water...splash...Corbin is soaked head to toe.   6 inches of water and he manages to get wet every inch of his body.  He was a bit shocked and amazed, and scared he was in trouble.  I explained to him he was only in trouble for getting on the rock after he had been told not to, so he began to explain to every one he saw that he wasn't in trouble for falling in because it was an accident and accidents are ok, but he was in trouble because he wasn't supposed to be on the slippery rock.  He never missed a beat, kept playing for another hour until he was literally exhausted.  Even in China we can have a good biggerdirt day!


  1. That's my boy!! Couldn't find any mud or dirt but found the water!! William would be jealous!! Love and miss y'all. Keep posts and photos coming!!! That's what keeps Grandma going!! Kiss all the little and big kids and Mama and Daddy and Kelsey for me!!

  2. That Corbin story was great! Glad to hear you are all doing well and enjoying your special bonding time in China.

  3. Fantastic pictures! So glad to hear that things are going well!

  4. They're so cute!!

  5. Corbin is so awesome...