Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Medicals in Guangzhou

We arrived late last night in Guangzhou. We are more than excited to be here. The difference is amazing. First of all it's WARM!!! McDonald's is litteraly next door...that's all I really have to say. There are restaurants and shops in our hotel. Nothing is far from us and the streets are much easier to walk down. What I mean by that is, there aren't as many cars and scooters on the sidewalks. YES, they drive cars and scooters on the sidewalks in China. Very intersting when SEVEN of us are trying to walk to lunch. So, Mom and Mimi Corbin is still alive and so are we. Kelc almost beat him lol...trying to keep him by her side. Of course we left the harness monkey at Pops.
This morning Aunt Kelc and I took the babies for their medicals. We decided it was best for Daddy to stay with the older two. I didn't really want Corbin and Allie exposed to anything extra was quite different from any US clinic I've ever seen. Everyone was friendly...the hearing test was a squeeker toy. Really a squeeker toy in front of them. haha...The only trouble we had was with Adaline not really having paperwork for her special arm. After a little help from our sweet guide communicating with the Doctor, we were sent for our TB test and onto STARBUCKS!!! Yeah for Aunt Kelc! Wen and I had some marble pound cake and an ice water. Ice isn't easy to come by in China. It isn't safe to drink water in most places. So, you can't have the ice either. After much stomach YUK yesterday I waited for the guide to tell me what was safe. Starbucks is safe and McDonalds(: OK I only have some ipod blurry pics for now. I will have some this evening when the babies both wake up. BTW they are snuggled in my bed asleep at the same time. BLISS...Ms. Adaline is kinda fearful of sleep time. She figured out today that if she would lay with Mom she could stay out of the crib. After a couple of times of both of them trying the crib, and then back to Mom's bed...they figured it out-if we both lay with Mom she will snuggle and kiss us both. NITE NITE!

p.s. Just nine more days and we start our travels home to hold our William. I can't tell you how much we miss him. Just to have our babies all together. Thank you Jesus for this journey. We know you planned it before we ever dreamed of it.

Causing trouble in the airport...

Her own box of Mike and Ikes...she was so happy! If you want to be her friend when we get home. Bring gummy snacks.

Holding an's the little things in life

On the bus causing trouble lol...

Dipping fries in ketchup and sweet and sour sauce...never ate the fry

Loves Ketchup too!

Pretty girl happy to be at McDonalds!

On the bus...just wanted you to see the size difference. BTW she is several months older than him


  1. Just want you to know, these photos are what keeps me going!! Grandma is SOOO missing her family. It's good to see how easy these two are transitioning into their new life!! Allie's McD's face is priceless!! Hurry, hurry and get back home!! Love and miss everyone!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey on your blog! It has been so wonderful following along and is such a blessing that these two precious children are finally with their forever family! GOD is so so good!! Prayers that the rest of your journey goes well, everyone stays healthy and that bond continues to grow between all of you.
    Blessings to you!!
    Lisa Rademacher
    fellow CCAI parent...dossier sent to China on 1/13/12!!