Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free day in Zhengzhou

Thursday was another free day in Zhengzhou.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to do in this large city, especially for kids in the freezing temperatures, so we spent the day in the hotel enjoying our new kiddos.  They seemed to warm up to us alot today.  There is a playroom, about the size of a large bathroom, with a few toys, so we visited it a few times this day.  Previous visits, Wen would only sit in our laps and watch.  Today, he checked everything out, playing in the balls and with balloons and on boucing toys.  Adaline was only unsure of her loud older brother, otherwise she took off for the fun.  It was a wonderful day of bonding and laughing and snuggling and changing  We are so ready for Guangzhou.  We hear it is warmer and more for the kids to do.  Corbin has been a trooper, but he sure could use a good run in the park!
We received our notarized papers today, putting us one step closer to our visas and trip home!  We also received their immunization records today.  It is all in Chinese characters, but that's ok. 
These babies are so fun, funny, loving.  They must think we are alright, they keep smiling at us and holding our hands to go for walks in the hall.  They give sweet kisses when asked too.  Talk about melt your heart.  Wen fell asleep next to me last night, he didn't want me to touch him but he wanted me right there.  I will take it.
Adaline snuggles with Mom at night.  She still isn't very sure about nighttime, but she is so happy during the day.  I think Mom likes the snuggles anyway.
Today we receive their passports!   How cool is that?  This evening we take a flight to Guangzhou, and on the 21st we head to Hong Kong.  So so ready to be home and squeeze our William.  We miss him so very much.
Allie loves her new baby brother and sister.  She comes to our room early every morning looking for one of them to play with and hold.  She is a great big sister, and a huge help on this trip...Aunt Kelsey is invaluable too.  We are very grateful that we all could make this trip.  So many are to thank, but mostly our Heavenly Father who paved the way and leads the way every step. 
Next post from Guangzhou!



  1. i am so thrilled that the transition has been smooth-- esp. with 2!!!!!!!!!!! they are absolutely adorable!!!!!! :) and yes- guanzgzhou is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more fun- esp after being trapped in the ZZ hotel for 6 days!

  2. I agree with Emily and it is warmer!