Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orphanage Visit

This pic is on the way back to the hotel. I can't get it to move to the end. Ya'll want pics and not words anyway lol...Thank you for my scarf Ms. Dawn!

This is a debated topic in the adoption world. To visit or not to visit...well I did and Daddy did not. It was not possible for all of us to go. It wasn't a good idea for all of us to go either. Brian kept two boys and Kelc to help lolol...Allison and Adaline made the trip with me. I really don't want to share Adaline's details. I will post of few pics and just say, we are commanded to care for the orphan. Not asked by God or suggested to, COMMANDED to. This doesn't mean everyone has to adopt, but you must care for them. You can sponsor a child or several, pray for them, visit them, ADOPT THEM, whatever you can do...just do it! I will never pray the same again, I will never live the same again, I will never forget their precious faces...There are millions of babies who need a family and the love of Jesus Christ. They are real babies, not on a postcard or TV commercial. Real babies, with smiles and skin and a heartbeat and tears. Please pray for them and do whatever you can to care for them. I promise to let Brian have the blog back tomorrow. I love you guys and William I miss you more than diet Dr. Pepper.
This is after a long van ride and a nap. Just inside the orphanage doors. I had Allie zip her and her baby into my coat right here.
This was one of her nannies

This was taken with the preschool teacher at Maria's Big House of Hope. This is NOT the orphanage. Can you see the difference or feel it???? MBHOH is a Christian based facility. It is truly amazing the difference. Just a few minutes down the road, but God is in the house. Please check out their website. The more support they have the more Adalines and Wens they can get out of the orphanage till their Mamas and Babas can get  them.


  1. I have goosebumps... thanks for posting!


  2. Congratulations on your two treasures! They are beautiful!!

    Blessings on your journey!


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  4. I love seeing Adaline's sweet smile! It's amazing what the love of a family can do, especially those who follow Christ.

  5. Look forward to hearing more about your impressions of the CWI. Amazing the stark difference in her countenance.