Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Let me just say, my baby should not be big enough to play t-ball.'s Wee Tee to make me feel better. Today was our first big event. He was pumped to say the least. He did come out of the dugout to tell us he was sweating. Had a little powerade and went back on the field. Congrats on your first game baby boy.

Waving to his adoring fans!!!

Equiped with Easter candy for the game.

I needed this for you to appreciate his ears folded down under his visor. oh my word....

An unending supply of candy kept this one quite content!
Ready on the pitcher's mound!

Got Papa wrapped in a big way!!!
Running after he hit his first baseball ever in a game. He got a homerun. In case you haven't seen Wee Tee, you can hit a homerun and it never leave the infield. Not that that's what he did. But, he has his first gameball!!!

Not in order I know...I don't have time to fight blogger. Preparing for his first at bat! Very serious here!


  1. That boy played a good game!! He did get sweaty at a 9:00 a.m. game, so we will see what happens on a Louisiana afternoon. There may have to be bribery involved!! He DID get his first home run ball, so Dad needs to get busy on that trophy shelf!!
    Love you, sweetie!!

  2. All the kids are looking great! I know you are a busy woman! I hope you are able to enjoy being a mommy now! Times were very tough here til about a month ago and think we are on the better side. Took almost 6 mths though! WHEW! Way different than the first adoption, and you with 2 at once! Girl! I pray things are better! They look to be!