Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Beach

I can't believe the difference three months has made in her precious life.
This little man is finally getting use to us and his new surroundings. He was unsure of the water till big brothers showed him how.


Deciding it's ok

Kinda cold Mama
Water got dirty, round 2

Don't hate me because I have awesome abs

Watch me go...
Our dear friends are at the beach this week. Since I'm ate up with jealousy, envy, covetousness(not sure that's a word)....just wanna be there. We broke out the swimsuits and the dog pool. The kids are happy. I'm still dreaming of the waves and sun(:

May you have a wonderful weekend full of water, sun, ballgames, bubbles, babies....and Jesus!!!


  1. Looooove the pictures!!!! Wen's face in the "cold water" picture is hilarious!!! :) Love it!

  2. Never know what's next at bigger dirt. Today it was the beach!! I'm like you, Melissa. I'm still waiting on waves and sun!! Love love to see these happy children!! They can always make my day better!!

    I love y'all,

  3. Ok, so if it makes you feel any better, we only had one day of fun in the sun on the beach and pool and the water was freezing!!!! The next two days were only around 70 and this girl wasn't getting in a bathing suit in that kinda weather. I am ready for the summer, with the hot sun and lots of beach time mixed in with a couples surgeries here and there (downside). I hope you guys will be able to join us!!!!!