Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are still alive

Since it's been forever since I have blogged I figured a few extra pics would be ok. Everyone seems to be adjusting well. We are getting used to saying "table for SEVEN" or staying home hehe....All are sleeping through the night in their own beds except the precious almost five year old that insists he likes our bed. We have had four doctor's appointments, one set of ear tubes, labs three times, guitar lessons started, and three more doctor appointments this month. Just so you know our deductible has been met. Thank God for Grandma carpooling, Kelsey babysitting and Mimi and Pop babysitting too. Also, Dad is able to change his day off to attend most of the appointments.
Easter had a whole new meaning this year. To celebrate what our Saviour did for Me. Not for the world, but for me. I don't know why I've never really thought about the true pain and agony he went through for me. Like beaten, spit on, mocked, laughed at, hung on a tree for me. His mother really had to watch her son that she gave birth to die in front of her. He was completely her son and completely my Saviour all in one. We always say "oh Jesus died for me" or "he died to save us from our sins" REALLY. Do we really think about it? Have we watched the movies made trying to re-enact his death? On Easter do we really think about what he did for us or is it just eggs, pretty dresses, and candy? This year I finally grew up a little. I woke up very early on Easter thinking about him. Thinking about what he really went through. Realizing I have no comprehension of the gruesome death, but thank you Jesus for saving me. Thank you for all the pain you went through. Please forgive me for all the times I take you for granted.  May I never get caught up in the Christmas tree, eggs, and presents that I forget about You Lord!!!

This baby LOVED our Easter weekend. He hunted eggs inside the house and outside the house.

This picture meant so much to me. The little man holding her hand is Lane. He held her special hand and her basket so that she was able to pick up each egg. He never rushed or ran. Just melts my heart for some to be so kind. He was determined for Adaline to like him. He was successful(:

He didn't care much for hunting eggs. He was all about the candy and food involved. Such a big boy!!!

My two girls right before we left for church.

So handsome for church!

Not so happy I was taking pics early in the morning. She did smile though!

Big sister helping him hunt eggs. So Sweet!

All the dressy clothes and this is what they really want to do. Play on daddy's trailer. lol...barefooted, William barebottomed, Wen has his basket and William a Dr. Pepper. This is what biggerdirt is all about. All babies went to bed by 830 very easy!

He is telling me "no take my picture Mama". Too bad!

This is what she looked like walking into Sunday School.

My little girl is growing up so fast!

Hunting eggs at Lake Claiborne on Saturday. Thank you Aunt Jenny!


  1. Glad y'all are doing well! The pictures are precious! I think Easter and Christmas present us with the challenge of getting past all the glitter and getting back to the basics. When we take time to think about these things, what we are truly celebrating, then I think God smiles :)
    Happy Easter!

  2. I love seeing your sweet. Glad you all are adjusting well. Isn't God so good...blessings, lisa

  3. So proud of my Smith family. I am in awe that Melissa and Brian would take these two extra children and give a life that they would never have had in China!! It is so good to see them together on Easter and see that everyone has adjusted well!! I love you all with all my heart, Grandma