Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Five More Sleeps

Melissa, Traci, and Beckett made it safely to Guanzhou two days ago.  Beckett slept most of the flight, and sat quietly in Melissa's lap the remainder of the trip.  No tears or panic, just peace.  Each day Melissa sees deeper into this little guy, and she is truly in awe of him, in awe of God's miraculous Grace poured out on them as they bond and grow in love.  Though I am halfway around the world from them, I am amazed at how Beckett is learning to find comfort from Melissa.  His little heart still breaks for the life he knew, but sees the love in his mama that he desperately missed.  I pray he learns to trust and love her with complete abandonment.  Her heart is melded with his already, loving this little boy completely, and in total awe of him.  I  cannot wait for these 5 sleeps to pass, so I too can experience this blessing from God we call Beckett.
Not every moment is perfect, don't get me wrong.  We are not blind to the truth of foreign adoption, to the struggles of attachment and grieving.  Melissa has experienced tears, being pushed away, a little heart inconsolable at times.  But by God's mercy, she sees this less each day, and see more smiles, hear laughs, and feels the touch of his little hand by his own direction.  Our son, this gift, this little soul placed in our hands, is growing to love his mama and seeking her for safety.  This is the miraculous.  Right before our eyes, God is transforming him and tearing away the fear, hurt, and grief, replacing it with His joy, His peace, His love.  And all I can do is watch in utter awe.  To God be all glory forever.

Our son William, who is 6, is playing in the state t-ball all-star tournament this weekend.  We share his photos and videos with mama in China when we can.  We drive an hour to and from the games, putting in late nights and early mornings playing a game we all in the Smith house love.  His team has won a few, lost one, and continue to play through the weekend. Yes, it is a big deal to be in the state tournament.  He loves it.  I love watching, we all do.  What inspires me, though, is to hear him pray at night for his mother to be safe, for Beckett to bond with his mama, and for them to be healthy and come home soon.  No prayer about winning, no talk at home of the games unless we ask him.  He wants to hear about Beckett, to see him and mama. 
Last night, at prayer time, 3 of my kids prayed over their mother and brother in China.  The other two kids were asleep, or they too would have prayed. 

Allies has her signs ready for the airport.  Her heart breaks daily for orphans.  She is as anxious as any to get her new brother home.  She has seen orphanages in China.  She has been to Haiti to love on orphans and work with them to further the Kingdom.  I am sure one day she will grow her own family through adoption.  It has been a long 2 weeks for her, but she is strong and determined to bring her brother home to our crazy life.  I love this teenager, she inspires us to be better, to be compassionate for those less fortunate or in need.  I am thankful for her obedience to her savior in heeding the cry of the orphan. 

Adoption has changed this bunch.  I am a blessed father to have kiss who love orphans more than baseball, more than their own desires.  They love God, and know He answers prayers.  They know He is worthy of their love and worship. 

5 more sleeps, mama.  We are ready to see you.  We are ready to meet Beckett.  We are ready to be Smith, party of 8.


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