Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence day

Today we as a country celebrate Independence day, remembering our freedom from foreign governance, remembering and honoring those who have fought so desperately for our freedom.  Many spent their day at the lake or beach, or like me, by the pool and grill.  I sit here listening to the fireworks all around the neighborhood as kids and bigger kids alike celebrate and revel in a day off of work, to honor our country and the freedom for which we stand. 
I will say my kids and I had a wonderful time with the Cole's, enjoying their pool and their company.  It was a great day away from the house, which we all needed. 
Our sweet Beckett went to the hosital yesterday because he had fever, would not eat and would not drink.  He cried and was miserable last night, but fell asleep by his mama and slept the night.  He awoke free of fever today, with an appetite and an occasional smile.  He has allowed Melissa to hold his hand and kiss him, though on his terms. I praise God for answered prayers. Freedom from sickness, and the beginning of bonding.
Melissa sends pictures, and we text often. I am beyond thankful for modern technology.  
I am emotional as I think over this day.  Maybe it is because I am anxious to see my wife and son, maybe I am just being thoughtful of what our freedom really means.  We are blessed to be Americans, to be free to vote, speak out and write without impunity, free to worship the God who delivered us.  I revel in this freedom, the freedom bought for us with such a great price, a price we never could pay.  We are blessed to be a part of adoption too, to bring this same freedom we take for granted to our son, who would never otherwise be afforded what we inherently know. 
Maybe I am just emotional, but I am also thankful. Thankful to know in 10 days Beckett will be home, on American soil, and officially himself, and American.
God bless this great country.  I am very proud today to be an American, and very blessed to be a part of this amazing Kingdom.


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