Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, July 1, 2016

Flight day

Melissa boarded her flight this morning at 640, with a short flight to Dallas and a 3 hour layover.  After a little delay due to kitchen maintenance, whatever that might be, she and Traci headed west on the 14 hour flight to Shanghai.  As I write, they are still 4 hours away from landing, but oh so close.  I pray they have rested, but I am sure the excitement of meeting little Beckett has kept her awake more than she might have wanted. 
We have our calendar and countdown paper chain here to help the kids while Mom is away.  We pulled the first link off the chain tonight, one day down and 13 to go.  Corbin, such the kind heart and so sweet on his mom, asked if we could pull them all so Mom could just be home with Beckett.  My teen, Allie, is already mapping out how to stay up late tomorrow to celebrate Gotcha day.  The three younger kids, well, they are busy kids.  They miss mama, and talk all day about Beckett.  Funny, I think I share each of their thoughts.  Though I miss my wife and long to have her and our son home, I am blessed to share time with my kids and their enthusiasm in the anticipation.  I love this life. 
3 1/2 hours now...

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