Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Friday, July 15, 2016

Home at Last!

Last night at 10:06 pm, the plane landed from Dallas with our precious cargo on board.  Welcome home posters, flowers, a new ball for baby brother, and anxious hearts awaited the first sight of mama and Beckett coming off the jetway.  I admit that I held my emotions true, but at the sight of my gorgeous wife carrying our new son in her arms appeared beyond the gate, my heart raced and tears welled up uncontrollably.  Finally, after two long but glorious weeks, our family of 8 was together and safe. 
Our journey for Beckett began in September of last year, when we first laid eyes on his precious face as we perused Waiting Child lists as we began considering adoption again.  I can honestly say, at first sight and review of his profile, we knew he was to be our son.  From that moment, our hearts began to embrace this little boy half across the world, and even without ever seeing or touching him, he became entwined in our lives, he was becoming our son.  We began to pursue him through his agency, started the months of home study and paper work, and gathered funds to one day have him in our home.  With each step, each major milestone in the adoption process, we grew more anxious to hold him and bring him into our fold.  The say we received travel approval, and began making final travel arrangements, was by far the most exciting point of the journey to that point.  The anticipation grew exponentially to that moment Melissa would hold him in her arms at Gotcha Day.
As you can see from the past to weeks' posts, it has been an emotional and magnificent travel to China.  We have seen miracles in this little boy, miracles in each step of travel.  God blessed my family with Mrs. Traci, a true angel.  Her fluency in Mandarin and familiarity with China made Melissa's travels so peaceful, I can never thank her and her family enough for their sacrifice.  I thank you, Schmidley family, for loving my family and blessing us in this journey.  The flights home were wrought with storms and lightning, fearful times for mama.  I am confident angels surrounded their planes and brought them through perilous skies to be safe in Alexandria, and ON TIME!!!  Our Beckett slept through most of the flights, and quietly watched movies the remainder.  This, too, I can only attribute to an angel of peace, through prayer and annointing.  Every step of this journey was girded in prayer, every flight with prayer and fasting, every day in China with a meal sacrificed for prayer.
When Melissa crossed the security line, she was mauled by 5 kids who had long-awaited her return.  They each ran to her, hugged and kissed her, and touched their new brother.  I waited and admired their excitement, but gladly grabbed my love for a kiss and hug I had so much longed for, to see her face and hold her in my arms.  I then had the true honor of holding my new son for the first time.  He had been on my heart for months, but to have him in my arms finally, I find the words difficult.  My son was finally home.  He was scared and overwhelmed, and cried and pushed me away.  But he was in arms and I was ecstatic.  The fear and commotion of our large family soon calmed, and with the help of big sister taking him up and down the escalators 10 times, he soon calmed and relaxed. 
Parents of adoptive children fear that first car seat experience.  Beckett grumbled for a brief moment, and then settled in for the ride HOME!  We prayed for peace and safety for the ride, as a storm ensued from the west, and the Peace of the Father poured out over our van, our kids, and the ride was absolutely amazing.
We saw 3:30 am this morning before sleep came.  Between excitement that all were home and two still on Chinese time, sleep eluded us.  But it gave us such an opportunity to meet this amazing little boy.  We heard his laugh and saw his smile.  He grabbed my face and pulled me within inches of his eyes, so he can better study my face.  He leaned against me as he played on the floor with one of his many balls he seem to love.  We tried to encourage sleep, but he felt it more appropriate to smack and try to talk the night away.  He finally found a place between Melissa and me in our bed, and faded off to sleep with his right thumb in his mouth.  I have never been so glad to have a kid in my bed as this moment.  I awoke this morning with him snuggled next to me, his right hand on my left arm.  I guess that means I am alright in his book.
I know the journey has only begun, but I give praise to My Savior for the Glory and Mercy we see and live.  Never once since September have I doubted or worried over this.  I have felt the Peace of knowing we were called to Beckett, and he was waiting for us to come bring him home.  We will be cocooning this child and learning his needs over the next months, and anxiously await his emergence into the little boy we know he is.  Please continue to join us in prayer and in our journey.  Give Glory to the Father, Beckett is finally home!!!


  1. I was tearing while read your post. God bless your family.

    I am happy found your blog. I'll wait for other blessed post.