Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Seasons

Beckett has been home for 4 days now, but it appears he will fit right in with this wild bunch.  His first two full nights, he maintained China time, spending about 6 hours of prime sleep hours partying with his mom.  They played in the living room, tried rocking, snacking.  Bless his heart, he was just on China time.  He would finally be so exhausted around 6am that he just crashed, and would sleep a few hours.  Last night, the awake time was cut back to about 2 hours.  Progress!  God is so gracious, in His perfect timing.  I have admired the patience I have witnessed in Melissa, just rolling with his crazy awake hours.  It is like watching her with a newborn, taking in every moment no matter how inconvenient the time may be.
Every morning there are 2 or 3 kids waiting impatiently outside Beckett's bedroom, hoping to be the one to wake him and start the playing.  He is such an easy kid, and he seems to enjoy the attention that he surely cannot escape.  The cocooning process has begun in this home, but I am amazed at how involved all of the kids are in nurturing and welcoming baby brother into the family, and into all of our hearts.
I cannot say it enough, how truly we have been blessed during this adoption.  I see it more each day, I think I look for it more as well.  I want to see God's hand in this.  Without it, left to our own decisions, we can do a lot wrong.  We need Him, we need His direction, His peace, His strength.  I pray He is glorified.  I know I am overcome with love for the One who adopted me into His family, and I am beyond thankful He placed this love and desire for Beckett in our hearts.  
It is almost midnight, and half the house is still awake.  In weeks past, I would have been anxious and frustrated, knowing I want to awake early for my Crossfit class.  Some things change as our seasons change.  I welcome this season, because it's time to hang with Beckett.  His laugh and smile are amazing.  I truly did not expect to see it so soon.  He belongs in this family, I have no doubt.  To God be the glory.
Now excuse me while I go play with my son.

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  1. Thanks for updating. Hope he will adapt well with the weather and stay healthy.