Life After Bigger Dirt

Life After Bigger Dirt

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Our Why

Today little Beckett met his ophthalmologist for the first time.  Beckett, having albinism, also has eye involvement.  This causes vision impairment and nystagmus, which is uncontrollable eye movement.  His visit went very well, though the doctor had a squirmy, scared patient to examine.  No need for glasses at this time, and no treatment for the nystagmus.  Not what we expected, but very good news for us.  He has not let us put sunglasses or hats on him thus far, so daily glasses would be a serious battle.
He has been home a week now, and literally every day he has grown and blossomed.  Even with the stress of a 100 mile drive and a 2 hour eye appointment, we still enjoyed his smiles, laughs, exploring the waiting room and exam room.  Last night, he stood up and walked down the hall of our house and just explored all on his own.  He is making huge strides every single day.  Truly amazing for us to watch this little boy come out of his shell and be a silly 2 year old.
We often get asked about why we adopt, and why we adopt internationally.  We get the frustrating questions like, "Can't you have your own kids?", or "Don't you think you have enough already?"  I seriously heard of these questions, but when I was actually asked them, I was taken aback.  I think I answered diplomatically, taking time to educate why we have chosen international adoption. 
We have 3 children from China.  All three are considered special needs children.  They were abandoned by their birth family either for lack of the ability to care for them, or for the shame their physical differences might bring upon their family.  They had no mother to nurture them, respond to their cries, or hold them when they needed comfort.  They missed the essential love a child needs and deserves to grow and develop mentally and emotionally.  In just 18 days of love and stimulation, Beckett has made months of life progress in the care of his mama and now entire family.  This is why we adopt from China.  These 3 babies did not ask for their physical differences, and surely did not deserve to be abandoned and neglected in their infancy and earliest years.   They do deserve to have a family that loves them unconditionally.  That we can do. 
We didn't adopt our babies so their physical issues could be fixed.  Yes, two if our children have had surgeries to correct physical issues, but even without surgery, they are precious and perfect in our eyes.  Adaline is outgoing, sassy, funny, loves to entertain.  Wen is so smart, silly, and has become a loving, snuggling kid.  And Beckett, just precious and amazing.  We are learning him every day.
Why do we adopt?  Just meet my kids.  See how much they have changed since coming home.  See the transformation that only love can propel.
Why do we adopt?  Read the Word.  All throughout scripture we see commandments to care for the orphan, meet them in their affliction, defend the fatherless.  God has concern for the orphan, and from the days of Moses on to the teachings of the apostles, He commands His people to meet the needs of the orphan.  There is no mention of a calling to do so.  Just commandments.  Like feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the poor.  Defend the fatherless, care for the widow. 
My question is, why aren't you adopting?  I know,  this seems harsh and very poignant, but the question still remains: what are you doing for the orphan, the fatherless?  Pastors, why do we skirt this issue?  Deacons, are we meeting the needs of the fatherless in our congregations?  Elders, why are we not encouraging this in our ministries?  Church, why aren't we meeting the needs of the orphans?
We received the gift of Grace not to keep for our own treasure, but to multiply it and return it 10 fold.  Romans 8:15-17 tells us that we have received an adoption of Grace into the kingdom of God, and are no longer slaves to this world.  This Grace should abound in our lives, driving us to be like our Father.  We follow His commandments, out of love and gratitude.  We share our gift to others, because we want all to have the same Grace and Mercy we have received.  For my family, this includes following the command to care for the orphans (James 1:27). 
My prayer is that the Church will heed this command, all across this world.  My prayer is that hearts will be broken for these babies lying in cribs around the world , with no stimulation and no nurturing.  My prayer is that no child in America go to bed without being told they are loved and they are precious.  My prayer is that the foster care system is overwhelmed not with kids needing placement, but with families ready to love and nurture kids from difficult places, kids hurt by the world they were born into.  My prayer is that no child live their life without feeling the Love of the Father exhibited through His own adopted kids.
Adoption has forever changed my life, my wife's life, my kids' lives.  It has transformed our family, and has opened my eyes to the Truth of Grace.  It will forever be a part of our worship and thankfulness to our Savior and Lord.


  1. This is so beautiful. And this is exactly how God intended for Christians to live! Loving and caring for the spiritual, bodily and emotional welfare of others!! I speak from experience when I say everyone deserves to be nurtured and loved especially children thus is why our doors have always been opened so that they may enter in times of strife, hungry or for whatever reason that brought them to our home they are always welcomed. Praise God for this family that opens their home and their hearts to do Gods will!

  2. :D so lovely.
    thanks for sharing

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